Before and after photos of feral cat winter housing and facilities

The pictures on this page are before and after photographs. You see a black-and-white feral cat under a table. The snow is falling heavily. The cat is sleeping on an old cushion. The table barely protects the cat. It looks pretty brutal and distressing if you care for animal welfare.

In the words of Ed Witteman:

This was Oreo. This image of him sleeping in the falling snow under that old table is what led me to build the shelter the feral cats have today. The feral cats went from this to this. I think a nice improvement in their living conditions.

Ed Witteman is the kind of person who cannot let feral cats feel unloved, unwanted and suffer alone in the cold. He is sensitive towards them. He wants to make sure that they know that someone loves them and cares for them. I’m sure that he himself has had moments in his life when he has felt unloved and uncared for. This is probably one reason why he is motivated to feel this way for feral cats. And it is a beautiful attitude.

Sidebar note: everybody should have some moments of difficulty and suffering in their lives particularly when young as it makes them more sensitive to the suffering of others which is an attitude that everyone needs to have to be a better person. It is the arrogant, selfish and self-centred person who is perhaps the most objectionable.

Of course, the difference in the before and after photos is striking. You may notice the cat scratching post on the left of the photograph below. This is in the ‘after photograph’: the constructions that Ed created to help protect the cats in winter. The scratching post is the top-of-the-line scratching post from Amazon. It is a very high-quality product and there it is stuck outside in the winter getting wet. I like that. Ed is unconcerned about his product which I presume that he purchased from Amazon but more concerned about the welfare of the feral cats who use it. And you will notice, too, that it is heavily used. This is a very durable product. I know because I have the exact scratching post in my kitchen.

This is a classic feral cat ‘courtyard set up’. They have all they need to help them survive a cold winter. Well done to Ed πŸ‘. He has been well-praised as he should be by visitors to Twitter which is where the photographs have been posted. Two examples of the praise and his response are below.

Comment: You’re a good friend to kitties and an amazing human being. Bless you for being you, Mr.Goodheart

Ed’s response: I just love cats and want to make sure they know someone loves and cares about them.

Comment: You are a saint.

Ed’s response:

No, not at all.
Cats saved my life
I love animals and I know the feeling of not being wanted.
I make sure they will never feel that way.
I sincerely thank you for the kind words.

Note: This is an embedded tweet. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

4 thoughts on “Before and after photos of feral cat winter housing and facilities”

    • You are right Tamara. The cat prodded her/his dog companion which set him off walking down the stairs and he tripped it seems. It is a fun video. The sound of the woman’s voice tickles me.

      • The dog jumped down the stairs and fell. The cat was just playing, probably as usual. But the look on the cats face watching the dog go down still has me laughing. lol.

        • I completely agree with you Tamara. I noticed that the cat rather casually, somewhat bored, nibbled the dog’s hind leg and gently slapped the dog’s backside it seems which prompted the dog to move forward and then he fell because he misplaced his paws on the stairs. It was a complete accident unconnected I would say with what the cat did. What the cat did simply encouraged the dog to move forward down the stairs.I wrote an article about this because I thought it was a good story which you can read by clicking on the link: Cat pushed elderly dog down the stairs! Yes or no?. Thanks by the way for spotting the video πŸ˜ƒ.


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