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Behaviour That the Domestic Cat Shares with the Lion — 6 Comments

  1. I can only attest to feral populations.
    It is, absolutely, true that the dominate male in any colony gets most of the action; but, there may be a tolerance for others to partake (but, only if he allows).
    The biggest difference that I understand between lions and feral cats is in the rearing of offspring. The male feral has no involvement, but the male lion is deeply involved. I like that.

  2. I think the reason that cats and lions share this particular trait is that there usually are several males close to a single female. Lions live in prides while cats live in close proximity with other cats even if they are not part of a, say, feral colony.

    Other cat species including the wildcats are solitary and probably don’t come in contact with many males during heat. For example, if you look at our cats’ closest wild relative – the wildcat, you’ll find that each cat would have its own territory, with the territory of a single male bordering that of several females . When a female is in heat, she comes to the border of her territory and calls, and the male shows up. There probably aren’t that many males close enough to take turns…

    This is just a wild guess based on the documentary about Scottish wildcats I saw on YouTube (3 videos entitled ScottishWildCat1, 2 and 3). I don’t know about the mating habits of other wild felines big and small, but as all of them are solitary, it’s fair to assume that a female simply doesn’t come in contact with several males during the period of time she is in heat.

  3. Very interesting comparisons. A cat gave birth near the woods of my house. I began talking with her and gave her food and told her she could bring her babies to my yard. The next morning she was seen carrying them over, one at a time. The last was larger & multicolored but seemed to have a defect. The Mother dropped this one in a different area from the healthy litter and proceeded to kill and eat it. I was clearly upset.


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