Being Alone With Your Cat to Feel Better

Today I have spent more than 2 hours with my cats Pinky, 50 and Jakie (the new arrival) and all three were happy with me and they were nourished by me. The other cats from my FERAL COLONY visited my terrace and had their due right of food, water and milk.

My wife is sick since October. She is not used to the hard cold winter and has a cough so that we have to be closer to her, too. The doctor has given her antibiotics and other medication but it is sensible to use some really warm clothing instead of depending on meds only. Meds can cure you but what if no care is added with them? No result then!

I have big responsibilities here, Mom, dad, cats, three daughters, wife and students.

Its life! This is how it is and perhaps this is how it should be to a person like me. A spiritual man??? Aaah very hard and tough track but I will not get tired until I am OVER.

I can still remember what my spiritual teacher once said, yes every word is in my heart and spirit, he said,

“When you are dead tired, when you feel broken, and no human can help you in this kind of a situation, you must seek some help from nature, be alone, meditate, go away from every one, take a deep breath, and if possible go to the innocents who really need you and who can share your hard time without speaking a word, just with love, for love and by love.”

I just sat on a chair outside in the cold, and got LAILA on my arms. She had taken a bath with Khadija and here is what I had, THE LOVE, which is precious for me and for my kitten 5 weeks old LAILA.

Thanks for reading my feelings, my friends. Special thanks to Michael Broad who have been there every time when I needed to share my articles on POC. <3

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18 thoughts on “Being Alone With Your Cat to Feel Better”

  1. Ahsan, I am so happy for you that you still have a mother and father. I so wish, even for a moment…

    Like you, I am very much a hugger and kisser with my cats and my grown children. I grew up in an affectionate and demonstrative family. An enormous love for animals and people in need.

    Much to my son’s dismay sometimes, I will always nearly kiss his 40 year old face off and tolerate him saying, “Gosh, Mom, are you trying to eat me?”
    No problem with my daughter as she is like my clone, extremely affectionate.

    1. Thank you DEE, YESSSSsssss, you are a real cat lover and a loving MOTHER for your cats and children. I had no doubt about that and today I have a strong view about you regarding this aspect <3 <3 <3

      1. Ahsan, I like the sound of your spiritual teacher – a truly wise man indeed.

        I work in a stressful environment, but I take great pleasure in feeding the wild birds during my lunch break. I find it very calming to watch the crows and magpies who are regular visitors. The crows are particularly intelligent and now recognise me before I even put out food.

        There is a peace in appreciating nature that’s hard to find elsewhere.

  2. I can hear the motorcycles in the background. I reminds me of what it is like in Pakistan.

    Laila has grown up. You make a very good point in the article.

    If we are stressed and busted, quiet time with our cat is for me quiet time with nature and we can get back to our roots and repair ourselves a little.

    I feel a bit busted these days. Gabriel helps me a lot just as you state.

    1. Thank you Michael, actually now a days my sleep is really effected and I take rest within day time (which I am never used to because this habit seem to me like wasting the day time) and night.

      For me time seems to move like speed of light and my daughter Khadija has taken over the duty of LAILA to take care and feed her and make sure that she never smells or get dirty in any case. This is what I call the welfare of an animal so that the pet is happy and satisfied with us. It is like to raise a child in front of our eyes and care. I mean it, a keen care not just over look anything.

      When ever I interact Khadija, my first question is ,”How is LAILA?” and I am always satisfied with Khadija and when ever LAILA listen to my voice she start to meow a lot and until I don’t get her into my warm arms and hands, she is not satisfied. I just kiss her as I kiss my all daughters.

      Still when Khadija is grown up girl but I let her sit on my leg and start kissing her cheeks, that is how a father I am. My dad often feel it that I am kissing my elder daughter, he says,” Oh my GOD! don’t do this, and have distance with daughters, when they are grown up ladies.”

      I just reply,” Dad! If I am 90 and my daughter have kids, I will not prefer to kiss my daughter’s kids but I rather will love my daughter KHADIJA like a baby, so that she will never miss the father’s love which was from the very start of her childhood. YES dad! I will bring for her candies and barbie dolls and doll houses so that she in her self may remain my daughter forever and I will feel my self her father. FOREVER!”

      My mom agrees with it and she often bring tears in her eyes and I deserve the love of her so. But this CHRISTMAS I am gonna kiss my DAD’s cheeks, Michael! OKAY so let me ask you a question? How many times have you done this sort of LOVE action in your life?

      I call it HEAT of parents and children. A love which always keep respect between the elders and younger. <3

      Well any one can answer to this question????? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I have not done that kind of “love action” sadly. It is good. It is very good and the way it should be.

        Sadly, my family was quite disjointed. My parents are dead. My father was cold and my mother was a bit crazy.

        My sister is like a stranger.

        There it is. Not a great family and not warm.

        I would have loved for my father to be have been warm and emotional with me, giving me a hug and even a kiss. I wish he had told me that he loved me. He never did.

        1. Thank you for your reply, Michael.
          I am sorry

          but I want to clear here that why I turned the discussion towards human beings is to clarify that if a man who claims to be a cat caretaker (as me) must firstly start from handling his own species in a way that his affectionate towards the other species may not differ.

          I have a theory (my own, ofcourse) that if we are not forwarding our love towards the humanity, all claim for non-human forces/ species goes in fake.

          Being a strict follower of Islamic spirituality (for myself I mean, not for others to follow) I have a afirm believe that love is the only WEAPON that can conquer lands over lands, skies over skies and the most deepest of all HEART of any species which Allah Subhanahu has created as a home for himself.

          I can still remember the verse of Torat OLD TESTAMENT when MOSES came back first time talking to GOD, and SAFORA asked him that he has seen the GOD. He replied very clearly, no…no one can see him … he is light and that light exist in every heart. I meant the saying of MOSES for myself that GOD is light of LOVE n CARE and that light exists in every soul n HEART.

          But I think that there is a lack of exposure in everyone of us, and we must step ahead towards this. <3 ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I didn’t know it got cold in Pakistan. People where I live would probably not think it was very cold where you are.

    Once in Florida in January I was trying to decide if I needed my sweater or if it would be too warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds. As I sat in a short sleeved shirt, sweater in my hand, considering the question, I saw a man behind me in full winter gear, heavy parka with hood up, wearing mittens and heavy boots and stamping his feet and patting his hands together as if to restore circulation and prevent frostbite. My mouth dropped open as I stared at him in disbelief. He saw me looking at him and said gruffly, “You must be from up north!”

    Monty is not so hardy. His coat is a single coat and not very warm for our climate, I don’t think. He also doesn’t go out enough to get it to really thicken up. So he goes outside for a few minutes. The moment he starts to really feel the cold he runs to the door and I let him in. If he gets too cold he meows very loudly when he enters the house and then I hold him to help him get warm again.

    I know that feeling of being suddenly very cold and wanting in right now because it hurts. I felt it on the way back from a walk to the park to see if there was ice on the pond or not yet. There was. I wished I had stayed closer to home like Monty so I could just run in when I felt the cold!

    1. So funny, Ruth, about being in Florida.
      This morning around 6:15 AM I went to Petsmart’s Black Friday that was to begin at 7:00 AM. The temperature was about 39 degrees and breezy. I had dressed in sweat pants, a t-shit covered by 2 sweatshirts, a ski cap, and gloves. Still, I was freezing for those 45 minutes standing in line.

      1. LOL! I meant t-shirt, not t-shit!
        Wish there was an edit button.
        But, actually, the t-shirt I had on was really sort of sh-tty.

        1. I noticed that but could realize that it was a mistake.

          Actually I am a teacher of English Class for upto graduation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I live what your spiritual mentor said to you! I have always found it very true for myself. For awhile I forgot the importance of relaxation and meditation, but I have had to make use of it a lot in the past nine months. I have found nature to be very healing as well. And Monty. He does not know how much his presence helps me.

  5. Thank you Ruth sister, I will Insha Allah try but I think that my wife does not like pineapple, she has spent her whole life(before marriage) in Middle East. Extreme hot weather.

    Yes Ruth, the month of December is gonna my Month of drifting the whole Islamabad and I will drift out in motor bike. I will capture photos of different areas and feral cats in here and see how much population is remaining in here as compared to last year. Its a private effort from me only, and no body else is doing this job here as I am confirmed by my friends in Govt. jobs and department of wild life.

    No one is seriously interesting in counting these friends and even thinking about their welfare. I will just share photos of my survey here on PoC. I think that these cats and kittens look like refuges of natural disasters here. The condition of their coats and faces as thin as a hungry poor man in Ethiopia.

    I will check at least 80% area of capital territory in December because 20% will be NO ENTRY ZONE due to political conditions. That is what people like me think that our PAKISTAN has become hostage in the hands of these dirty PAKIS (politicians) who wanna sell our country in a penny, like they would sell their real mother in no cost in the open market. ๐Ÿ™

    Yes corrupt people are disliked every where and I hate corruption with the deepest core of my heart. ๐Ÿ™

    Thank you so much for your appreciation and love. The same feelings I have for you specially and every one on PoC.

    <3 <3 <3

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Ahsan you have so much on your plate, however do you cope? Yes you need quiet time to yourself, we would call it ‘Ahsan time’
    This may sound strange but it does work, get your wife some pineapple juice, it will cure her cough, give her a small glass a few times a day.
    My sister Barbara had a bad cough a little while back and someone told her this, we laughed, but she tried it and within 2 days her cough had gone!
    Sending love to you and your family including your cats, all the way from England xx

  7. I’m so sorry your wife is sick. I had pneumonia early this year and meds and a breathing machine didn’t help. Please study oil pulling where you get her to swish oil in her mouth and spit it out. Don’t worry about doing it 20 minutes at a time. I did it for 10 and at least twice a day. I was healed of the cough in about 3 days after being sick a month. You likely have coconut or sesame or olive oil in your home. It’s worth a try.

      1. Be very careful with the oil pulling. If she aspirates (inhales) the oil it will cause lipid pneumonia. Oil pulling cleans bio film off your teeth. Coconut oil has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. I eat a big spoonful or two a day. The medium chain fatty acids in it are very good for you, especially your brain. The doctor who treated me for a severe adverse drug reaction does the oil pulling himself for better oral health. It supports a healthy balance of good bacteria in your mouth. I don’t use mouth wash anymore as it kills everything, which causes the harmful bacteria to get the upper hand in the long run. I do not do the oil pulling because to me it’s not worth the risk of lipid pneumonia. I do drink Kefir daily.

        The drug that harmed me was an antibiotic so Kefir has helped restore healthy gut bacteria for me. That and eating yogurt. There are other foods that are probiotics and can help your wife. Lots of good info online as people are more aware that the tiny micro organisms living in and on our bodies are beneficial to our life and health. Antibiotics kill them all off disrupting a delicate balance.

        The antibiotic that nearly destroyed my life was a fluoroquinolone called Cipro. Others in that class are Avelox and Levaquin. They are completely devastating to life. Sadly, even pets and farm animals are given fluoroquinolones. They go by different names, so do find out what she was given. Several women in India just died when Cipro was given to them with Ibuprofen.

        Make sure your wife isn’t getting a quinolone or fluoroquinolone. If she is get her switched to something safer and she must not take any drug like Ibuprofen (NSAID) or a steroid for at least a month. There can be damage done that is not noticed and adding an NSAID especially can cause more and very serious central nervous system damage.

        Sorry to scare you but please check any time a loved one, human or animal, is given antibiotics. I’m still fighting to get my body and mind back to 100% health. One doctor I saw has already said 100% healing is next to impossible. But I am healed enough to live a normal life which is more than many victims of Cipro ever get.

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