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Being Proactive At The Vet — 8 Comments

  1. Worked for a vet who was thoroughly insulted by a patient/client looking up information and especially in the examining room or when he left the examining room. Just a comment. Not my feelings.

    • Good share. I suppose it depends on the personality of the vet. Perhaps looking up stuff is a bit obvious, a bit insulting. A check on the vet could be done more subtly perhaps or the client could ask questions instead.

      • I wait until the vet is getting the injection ready and do it when he’s out of the room if possible. Mainly its the name of a drug. He’ll tell me what he’s going to prescribe before he goes for the injection so most of the time I don’t believe they even see me.

    • I think we give our vet so much business I could do about anything. I do understand how a vet could be offended. Most of our visits are for minor things but when something is serious I believe in speaking up.

  2. good article as ozzie just came back from the vet after being dematted he was badly dematted. As he doesnt do well with the sound of the trimmer i had to put him under. Hes all ok. Got them to check his tail as thought he had been in a fight. Just as well really as he got a badly hurt on his tail and been given antibotics other tavuloxhan that hes now soft and silky and make to his normal self. Though i was in alot of trouble last nite due to not allowed to give him any food . He really hated me. But i understand needed to do it. Its called Clavulox so start that tomorrow. Poor baby.

  3. Henry had a vet visit this week for a very bad URI. We could tell he had a sore throat and he just looked and sounded miserable. I was quick to tell the vet this was a serious infection and I had an inner voice telling me to stress that. Henry got a strong antibiotic Monday and is finally feeling better.

    • There is a lot of instinct involved in trying to figure out what is wrong with our cats. I like the way that you provide your vet with your input and I think all good veterinarians will like clear, solid input from their client because it helps them, a lot, to diagnose the problem and treat the illness.

  4. You confirm a good point that I make from time to time. The key reason why we have an obligation to speak up and be well informed is because we are the voice of our cat.

    Normally the client would be able to assist the doctor by explaining the symptoms and how he/she feels. That is not possible for the cat so it is down to an observant and informed cat owner to stand in as a guardian.

    The vet’s is a place where the cat owner truly becomes a guardian and caretaker. It is a test as to how good he/she is in that role.

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