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Beirut explosion: reunions between cats, dogs and owners (video)

Animal Lebanon – rescued cat after the Beirut blast. Screenshot. The cat was rescued from the basement of a shattered building.

This video is full of emotion especially the lady who is reunited with her cat after she searched everywhere to find her without success. She must have been distraught with anxiety about her cat and the tension poured out of her in this video.

Note: videos sometimes stop working and if this has happened I am sorry. I don’t have control over it as it is embedded from Facebook.

This is sooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. It was such a tragic incident and I hope more pawparents are reunited with their babies ❤ God speed to you!

This emotional video comes from Animals Lebanon. It records the reunion between cats and dogs and their owners at the animals Lebanon facility. They say that many animals were affected by the Beirut blast. On their Facebook webpage they tell the story of one kitten (the kitten in the photo at the top of this page). They that they heard her screams coming from the basement of a building that had all its doors broken and shattered. They climbed down into the dark basement to get her. She is getting plenty of excellent care and recovering day by day.

Tearful reunion between owner and her cat after Beirut explosion. This is a moving moment in the video. Bless them.

The animal rescue is completely full after the Beirut blast. They are desperate for help because of a triple whammy of events: the Beirut blast, coronavirus and the poor economic conditions in Beirut due to corruption in the government. There are calls, as you may know, for the government to be entirely replaced. President Macron of France says that he will donate money to the reconstruction of the docks that were destroyed by the explosion provided the government is changed to one which is not corrupt, if that is possible! Impossible in my opinion.

Animals Lebanon have a fundraising campaign on the website Go Fund Me. You can go there by clicking on this link.

They are working around the clock to make sure the animals find loving homes. They say that many residents are giving up their cats and dogs. So it is not just explosion which is separated owners from their cats and dogs, it is about people giving up on the animals and it is understandable I suppose considering the intolerably conditions and shattered families. It is a tragedy.

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