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Believed massage chair caused fire which killed two world record holding cats

It is claimed by the owners of two world record holding cats that a massage chair caused the fire at their home which killed both cats. Their owners escaped and are now suing the manufacturers of the chair, American Crocodile International Group Inc..

Acturus held by Mr Powers. He was a high filial Savannah cat

I wrote about this briefly at the time. William and Lauren Powers of Farmington Hills were the human guardians of two amazing cats, one of which was the Guinness World Records holder of the tallest domestic cat measuring at 19 inches. He was a high filial Savannah Cat. The cat’s name was Acturus Aldebaran Powers. The other cat held the record for the longest tail, Cygnus Regulus Powers – I believe Cygnus was a Maine Coon.

Mr Mrs Powers are seeking more than $1 million in damages from the Fremont, California-based company. The fire took place in 2017. The lawsuit was filed in a US district court on Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

Two world record holding cats killed in house fire

At the time, it was a shocking story because it was unique that to such cats lived in the same home. In respect of chairs bringing dangers to cats in homes, I have to mention recliners. I have written about recliners on a number of occasions. These chairs which have a lot of mechanical parts underneath can trap cats within the mechanism which can either kill or severely injured them.

There are dangers in homes, some of which are hidden and therefore unapparent until the harm is done. Air fresheners, candles, carpet chemicals, certain plants (non-dangerous plants) and many other items can harm cats. Please search on this website to find information about these dangers.

P.S. Magic, a female F1 Savanah cat (believed still alive) was the tallest domestic cat at one time. Her successor to the title, also a Savannah cat (F2), named Trouble, was killed after escaping from the home. There is some tragedy surrounding these record holders.

Why are cats too often killed in house fires when people get out?

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