Bella the Babysitter

Bella the Babysitter

by Jan Plant
(Marion,Texas USA)

All for one and one for all

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All for one and one for all

Yesterday morning, just at dawn, as is routine, I am out on deck feeding the new "wild bunch" when Bella comes trotting over, paws my leg and starts crying and crying. She then returns to the make shift shelter (table, tarps and a futon).

I come in, turn on the porch light and I looked. There she is in labor. She had two teeny babies and was still birthing.

An hour later I go out and take the mamas there "special food" and checked on Bella. She is all curled up with the first born litter (gotten big,huh?) and her three wee ones, happily nursing and cleaning away.

While Big mama is laying in the sunshine enjoying a break! I had never seen this in cats! Big cats,lions,yes. But ferals? This is now their norm.One is always with the young, while the other is out enjoying some fresh air and stetching. Just amazing!

Big mama goes to vet in two weeks. Tiny is at vets as I write this and Bella will be going soon as well. My vet friend has canceled today as our weather has changed once again to severe thunder storms and torrential rain.

She will be out in the next few days to check the kitten's health and mama's. Then we will know what we have as far as boys and girls. The surgery on these girls (so close together) has been made possible by Michael's tremendous generosity!

Thanks to you Michael, we have plenty of funds to spay the mamas and get babies tended to without totally depleting our "kitty".

The snowballs and orange look like giants compared to the newborns!LOL! Sorry this photo isn't quite good. Bella was not real happy at being disturbed!

Promise more kitten pictures as they grow before they too go to their new homes. Be awhile yet, so we have some time! Take care all and God Bless.

Will keep all up dated!xxx


Hi Jan...PoC is pleased to help and it is great to see funds go direct to the cats! I love that. PoC was created to make money to give to cat charity. The site makes quite a decent amount of money now. I hold back a good percentage to fund website changes and growth plus other expenses.

Take care.

Michael Avatar

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Bella the Babysitter

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Mar 27, 2010 Shared motherhood
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Jan. What a wonderful picture with the new kittens feeding and the three little angels resting around them. ๐Ÿ™‚

I too would have thought this impossible with cats were it not for a Nat.Geo. documentary on a ferral clowder (thanks to Shelley and Michael for a new word) in Rome.

According to that, a sort of shared motherhood is not uncommon among mothers and daughters or sister cats. One more example that cats are much more social than we usually think.

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