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  1. My cats wear collars for safety reasons, they are reflective, and I would rather they were a bit uncomfortable than dead under the wheels of a car. I have had a cat run over and had the horrible experience of finding road casualties and taking them to the vet. I know 2 cats that never really recovered from from being hit by a car and have severe hip problems which cause them a lot of pain. Still think collars are cruel?
    Only one of mine has bells. He kills sparrows. I wouldn’t mind but they are an endangered species. If they were common as muck he would be allowed to take as many as he likes. I have no problem with cats hunting, especially if its mice. Isn’t that why we domesticated them in the first place?
    Also bells help me locate them in the garden, which is a big rambling country garden of over an acre with trees all around. Its great to call them and hear their little bells as they come scampering in for their dinner and bedtime!
    PS they are easy off safety collars and our tabby has already lost 2 in the undergrowth!

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