Beloved furniture store cat dies at 29-years-of-age

“We will miss you joining us at our meetings. We will miss you cuddling up to us. We will miss you carefully choosing the perfect sofa to lounge on. We will miss you harassing us for cat treats. We will miss taking walks with you around the showroom.” – Manager/owner Journey East furniture store, Singapore.

Ginger the world's oldest store cat?
Ginger the world’s oldest store cat? Photo: Journey East.
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The manager of a classy furniture store, Journey East, in Singapore has written a beautiful eulogy to Ginger on their Facebook page (see below), their ever present store cat who delighted customers and staff alike for an estimated 29 human years. He was probably the world’s oldest working cat.

Ginger a store cat
Ginger a store cat. Photo: Journey East.

Ginger died yesterday. For the store’s customers, Ginger was the oldest cat that they had ever met which is unsurprising as 29 is exceptionally rare.

Ginger. Photo: Journey East.

Ginger attended meetings and truly enhanced the lives of those who worked at the store and their customers.


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