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Beloved, Neutered, Clean, Domestic Kitten Killed Within Minutes of Entering “Shelter” — 10 Comments

  1. Most shelter workers know nothing about animals. Their job is to pick up and dispose of them. They do not follow the rules,such as how long an animal is to be held. And when it comes to cats,every cat is viscious,out of control,more lies to justify the killing.Their ignorance is astounding. That poor cat and woman. I hope she gets a good sum of money from them. And why was the neighbor such a jerk? Precious cat dead because scumbags are not doing their jobs.

  2. Stories like this make me more understanding of why people in the USA feel their cats are safer indoors.

    We commonly hear about the dangers from cars, nasty people and wildlife, but I imagine that being taken to a shelter ranks high on that list.

  3. Sick, sick, sick to death of county shelters!
    If I knew that I was going to die tomorrow, I would spend my last night releasing all animals and torching all the shelters I could find.
    Everyone who knows me knows that I am fired up over these shelters. It, further, infuriates me that anyone would sit behind a computer, claiming to save animals. My response is, “Get off your sorry ass and carry it down to the City Council and County Commissioners meetings and FIGHT.” It’s easy to sit in the safety of a home. It’s tough to put yourself out on “front street” for all to see.

  4. Kaitlyn Hughes is no doubt taking this case to court to get justice for Porkchop, rather than any financial compensation.

    Kudos to her for revealing the truth and pursuing this through the courts. Let’s hope the publicity brings about some positive changes at shelters.

  5. I totally agree. And it always bothers me that people dismiss cases like this by saying “Well, it was just a cat.”

  6. That poor little boy didn’t deserve that. Those people have no shame. I’ve rescued several cats in my time and I have never turned them into a shelter, not after that time I surrendered that litter of 2 month old kittens and later on that night I received a call from the shelter that all of the kittens were euthanized because one supposedly tested positive for FIV. Kittens that age can give off wildly false positive results for all sorts of diseases. Like Eva said they really should be tested at the age of 5 months, but they’re not going to keep the cat for that long so those kittens are put down, along with the special needs and the seniors.

    I didn’t ask around the neighborhood who the owner was, either. I would quietly pick the kitty up and go inside my apartment quickly. I even had one nitwit ask me a week later if I had seen the kitten. He didn’t even know whether the kitten was male or female (he was a boy) and that made me even more determined to keep the cat.

    I get what you’re saying, Michael, about the owners. That’s what Sneddon should have done, asked around, since it was obvious that Porkchop was not abused. The morons I rescued those cats from didn’t have the common decency to bring the kittens in during sub-zero weather or to loosen the collar before it was embedded in their skin. I would quarantine the cat (if I had others) and take the newbie to the vet. I’d ask for a blood test to be run, because I wanted to know what I was dealing with. The cats I rescued tested clean, no diseases, but no way would I ever sign the cat over to the shelter.

    • When I read these stories it drives it home to me how vulnerable cats are to the less than sensible behavior of people. They are in our hands. We should act responsibly and with intelligence.

      The cat should not be dead. He was a domestic cat. Sneddon was too hasty to get him to a shelter. And the shelter was also too hasty to dispose of him. Poor thing. It is all about careless and on occasions immoral human behavior.

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