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Benefits of a Cat Tree Condo (video) — 6 Comments

  1. A cat tree or condo with scratching posts both vertical and horizontal are necessary for cat because let her choose which scratching post she likes the most and a good idea about scratching is to make scratch posts with the different distances at home or in a large cage so that cat can feel better inside and out. 😀 thanks for the video as I was very tired but seeing him I am very relaxed and happy, Michael 😀

  2. I have 2 cat trees and my cats barely use them. I have 8 scratchers and they use them a lot! I think they may not use the cat trees very often because they have a cat enclosure that connects to outside by going through a cat door that is in the dining area.

  3. That’s a lovely cat tree! So nice to see Downton enjoying his claws. Our boyz got new wide scratch pads to try out, Walter loves his but Jozef prefers the narrow ones we have around, maybe because he is smaller made than Walt and has tiny paws but best of all he loves his fat boy scratcher.

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