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Benefits Of Dental Radiography For Relieving Pain In Cats — 3 Comments

  1. I am sure that most cats suffer from dental pain. When I have it done for a cat, I’m pleased that the vets I’ve taken them to do speak of their care to remove all of the roots. They know it’s an issue. I don’t know about their machines, I’m sure they were digital (I’ll ask next time), but they did take pictures before and after, so I know I’ve gone to some good vets. I feel so sorry for cats who haven’t had good dental work done as well as all those who don’t get any. We all know how painful bad teeth can be and I’m sure it’s a usual suspect for any difficult behavior we encounter with them. Poor fellas.

    • That is great to hear! I am happy when a veterinarian does take the time to explain this to their clients. I feel bad for the people who do not know what good care looks like, so they stick with the first veterinarian they choose. The first veterinarian I went to for my own cats when I first started out in this field was a quick in and out visit, the veterinarian I stuck with would talk with you for 30 minutes and make dang sure you knew what was going on. I think the most important thing that many people have alluded to is that asking the right questions and evaluating their level of care and attentiveness is the single best thing any owner can do to find a great veterinarian for their cats. The level of concern and willingness to talk to owners is usually very telling of their overall level of care.

  2. The vet who treated Hershey should be banned in my view because she/he knowingly left Hershey is permanent pain. And we know how painful tooth pain is. What is going on? How prevalent is this behavior? Thanks for the article. Very interesting.

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