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Bengal Cat Breed Standard

Photograph is ©copyright Helmi Flick – please respect copyright — The cat is a fine Bengal show cat called LOBO

The source of the notes on the picture above is TICA breed standard in part. The other notes are from me and a book called The New Encyclopedia of the Cat by Dr. Fogle.A full Bengal cat breed standard can be found on TICA’s website or, in the UK, the GCCF website. The Bengal cat is medium-large but still classified as substantial, the largest of the cat body types.

My experience is that they just creep into this category. My experience also informs me that they are very athletic. This accounts for the musculature, broad chest, sturdy boning and long torso. The body frame allows for lots of leverage when running. The wild cheetah is the best example of a long and flexible body frame designed for speed (see Cheetah Speed).The ears should be medium to small with a wide base and rounded tips. Ear tufts are unwanted in the Bengal.

Dr. Fogle says that the back of the ears have ocelli. These are the light colored markings found on wild cats as a defensive mechanism. I think that Dr. Fogle is incorrect as I don’t recall seeing ocelli on Bengal cats (I stand to be corrected).Under the Bengal cat breed standard the face has high cheekbones and a full broad muzzle. Breeders treasure a wild look in the face as much as they treasure a glittered coat.

The classic “M” tabby pattern on the forehead is very apparent on LOBO. There are also frown lines. The nose is large and broad. The puffed nose leather is pink. When seen in profile there is a slight break (more a gentle curve) between the forehead and the nose.

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