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Bengaland – Peggy and Hugh Price

Bengal Cat Breeders – Bengaland – SGC Bengaland Arctic Hooter – International Winner, Best Bengal 2006 TICA, TICA’S Lifetime Achievement Award

There are many Bengal cat breeders. A very superior one is Bengaland, which commenced in 1993. Today, Bengaland is world renowned achieving “26” Supreme Grand Champions, 24 from their own breeding and they are still going strong. They are based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Peggy and Hugh Price who run the cattery have kindly agreed to let me republish some photographs of their fabulous Bengal cats. There is a wide selection to choose from, which makes it difficult.

IW RW SGC Bengaland Priceless DiVinci Shogun – Bengaland Cattery

It is very useful for Bengal cat buyers and indeed cat lovers to visit Peggy and Hugh’s website as it tells you a lot about showing Bengal cats and the kind of cat that is “spot on” the breed standard and which wins titles. And this cattery’s Bengal cats win a lot of titles.

For example, there is “Shogun” a stud cat. His full glamorous title is Bengaland Priceless DiVinci Shogun. He is an International Winner (IW), Regional Winner (RW), Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) and is the first 6th consecutive SGC in the world. To be a SGC he needed 6000 points plus 1 Best Cat as a Quad Grand Champion. When this is earned and confirmed by TICA, the abbreviation becomes part of your Bengal’s registered name. It is the highest honor bestowed. Peggy and Hugh describe his characteristics as:

  • Outstanding horizontal rosetting
  • Awesome huge shoulder markings
  • Velvet feel to the short cropped coat
  • Glittered with sharp contrasted coat
  • Good headset and thick/medium tail
  • Self confident and loves people
SGC Bengaland Cheetera and one of her Lynx Point kittens at Bengaland

Lets look at some kittens. 4 “typey” (meaning of accurate breed standard) kittens were born on 19th July 2007 to SGC (Supeme Grand Champion Bengaland Cheetera and QCH (Quad Grand Champion) Medoz Candyman. What special parents..:-) Peggy and Hugh say that the kittens are a delight to talk to and play with. Their parents have great personalities. The kittens in these photos are going through the “fuzzies” (Fuzzies:- found in Bengal kittens only. At about the age of 4 1/2 weeks to 7 weeks, kittens begin to have longer hairs protruding from their coat. Many consider it a stage of being an “ugly duckling” where the Bengal is about to begin a great transformation. The kitten looses contrast and its coat takes on a dull appearance. The undercoat gradually becomes more prominent.)

the litter

Peggy and Hugh say about the the snow Bengal kittens ” The two Lynx Points are also fuzzy but show an interesting pattern that may rosette. The blue blue eyes will stand out dramatically in these two.”

This is a cattery that stands out among Bengal cat breeders, with a wealth of experience.

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