Bengal Cat Jump

by Michael

Zendada Sun Dog - ZenDada Bengals - photo by Julie Gracie Moseley

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Zendada Sun Dog - ZenDada Bengals - photo by Julie Gracie Moseley

The Bengal Cat Jump is something we should factor in when adopting such an athletic cat. Bengals aren't just very attractive cats but they are very able physically as well. In human terms they are the feline equivalent of Hussein Bolt. We can't expect all Bengal cats to possess the same attributes. Some Bengals will be less athletic but as a whole in terms of athleticism this cat breed has raised the bar, it seems.

Bengal cats like high places and they can get to them. There are many photos on the internet of Bengal cats on top of doors or cupboards. You can see one above, a very famous one in fact. The point I am making is this. In my opinion Bengal cats are too active and athletic to ideally be indoor cats (some are of course) and if I am right that means that the only realistic way to keep a Bengal cat is indoors with access to an enclosure.

That means an enclosure that can keep 'em in and defeat that impressive Bengal cat jump. Which translates to a high fence or a fully enclosed area (a roof). Apparently, they can jump 8 feet. Well, jump and scale up the remainder. Cats often jump the first bit and then claw their way up using momentum for the next part of the jump if they are jumping a wall, for example. The Chausie, is another wildcat hybrid that can also jump very high from a standing start (the Chausie may be the best straight vertical jumper other than the wild and tamed Serval). A cat doesn't have to be a wildcat hybrid to be an excellent jumper, however. I lived with a female half Norwegian Forest Cat who was quite small but could she jump! From a standing start she could get to the top of a large and tall fridge freezer (7 feet). Timmy a stray cat I feed also jumps very impressively.

There is a difference of opinion between the UK (and Europe generally) and the USA on keeping cats indoors (Cat Indoors or out).

cat jumping
Not a Bengal cat jump but a nice picture
- photo by StrudelMonkey

A further note about the above picture. The jump is from a radiator, a rather sharp and uncomfortable starting point.

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