Bengal Cat Likes Liver

Bengal Cat Likes Liver

It seems that the Bengal cat likes liver when it is lightly boiled. Although well prepared homemade cat food is best, if we are feeding our cats commercial cat food throwing in a treat from time to time of boiled liver can perk up the diet a bit.

Some Bengal cat breeders drop the livers in a pot of boiling water and cook ’til the outside is brown (about 5 mins?). Let cool, chop up and serve = happiness. Alternative to chopping up is to mince it. Provide small portions and the juice from the pot.

Alternatively saute the liver or give raw liver both of which are also acceptable, it seems. Sometimes liver can cause diarrhea so small amounts in a restricted delivery is wise. Bengal cats love liver however.

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Bengal Cat Likes Liver

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Sep 16, 2011 All cats
by: Anonymous

I wonder if many cats, not necessarily Bengal cats, like liver. I knew a cat that loved partially cooked kidneys for example. We don’t normally give liver to cats. Maybe we should in small amounts as a treat.

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