Bengal Cat MOMO

Here another of Helmi Flick’s fine photographs. This time the champion cat is a Bengal cat called MOMO for short. His full name is: RW SGC Belara Custom’s Dream of Jabari. The photograph is ©copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect copyright.

Bengal Cat MOMO

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Photograph ©copyright Helmi Flick

As at mid-December 2008 MOMO is described as a stud at Jabari Bengals, a TIBCS BREEDER OF DISTINCTION. This cat has high contrast between spots and background. Karen who runs the cattery describes them as like velvet. He has a fine profile nicely captured in this Helmi photograph and he is large for a domestic cat at 18 lbs. This is well above the average. MOMO is an extremely handsome champion Bengal cat.

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