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Bengal Cat Personality Problems — 6 Comments

  1. I adopted two F-1 Bengals. One Asian Bengal and one snow Bengal. The Asian Bengal is 12 years old and cantankerous to say the least. The snow Bengal is 7 yrs old and is a cuddler, but if a strange cat comes into our yard he will try anything to get to that cat. The 12 year old is a typical Bengal who yells a lot and tells me No! All the time! Love them!

  2. For the first time in my life saw a “Bengal Cat” in Jakarta in Indonesia.It was owned by the owner of “Six Degree hostel” and was found by her on a street , a accident victim.This cat was very docile and bold, prowling all over the small hostel . In fact it was the first individual to greet me on my arrival in Jakarta , inspecting my luggage, much before i made human acquaintance friends!I have posted a photo of the cat.I wonder if its a pure breed “Bengal” or a mix breed. Indonesia being a majority Muslim country would have more of exotic cats than dogs as pets.This “Bengal cat” must have been abandoned by its former owner and hence strayed onto the street and met with a accident.

    • It is difficult to know if this cat is a Bengal cat because there can be a fine difference between a very nice looking brown, spotted, tabby get and Bengal cat that is not of the highest quality although the Bengal cat coat glistens and is more silky normally.

      I don’t know if they have purebred Bengal cats in Jakarta. It would mean that there are breeders there or not far away. Or perhaps the cat was imported internationally. There are breeders in Australia. Good photo Rudolph. Thanks. Interesting to see this.

  3. Ofcourse, I’m not very learned about these cats; but I assume that they are best off being an only cat in the household. It seems that they require more attention than can be provided for them in a multi-cat home.

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