Bengal Cat Spraying For No Apparent Reason

by MIJ (UK)

My 3 year old marbled Bengal cat, Naala, has started urinating and sometimes spraying in the most inappropriate places. On beds, chairs, blankets, in the kitchen sink and even in the other cats food bowl!!

I have 2 other short haired British cats – 1 male and 1 female. Naala came to me as a baby and she is so loved. I cannot understand her behavior. She has been to the Vets and tested for everything. I have tried pheromone diffusers. Nothing seems to work.

I would be so appreciative of any helpful suggestions or ideas. Thank you so much for reading.


Hi….. thanks for visiting and asking. You say, “Naala, has started urinating and sometimes spraying in the most inappropriate places”. Urinating and spraying are different things and caused by different motives. Urinating is caused by a full bladder and/or urinary tract infection. Spraying is a territorial marker.

What appears to be a sudden change in behavior indicates that at one time she was not spraying. Spraying is ultimately a sign of stress, I believe in this instance. Yet she is loved.

In regards to spraying, are you away from home a lot? Have you introduced the other cats to the household after Naala was established?

Something is stressing her and it is not something that you are deliberately doing. It is something that impinges on Naala’s natural feelings in a negative way. A good example is spraying on the other cats’ food. She is claiming the food as her own. She is trying to assert her authority and make the surroundings more friendly

Something, therefore is making her feel insecure and anxious – stressed.

I would like you to leave a comment to add some detail to what you have said. What changes too place if any before she started to spray?

Is something happening that you don’t know about?

Routine, calm, reassurance, space, territory, good health should resolve matters.

One last possibility. You say she is spraying and urinating. Have you seen this? Is she urinating instead of spraying? There are different causes as mentioned.

One last point. Bengal cats can pee in water due to a throwback to their wildcat ancestor, the Asian leopard cat. This is to hide the smell of the urine. I don’t think this is the case in this instance, however.

Drugs can be prescribed but I hate the idea. Cat Spraying Elavil.

Bengal Cat Behavior


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Bengal Cat Spraying For No Apparent Reason

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May 09, 2011 May not be stress but actual caring for others
by: Sarah

We had an intact male Bengal/Hymilayan mix that never marked anywhere outside his litter box and was the best little boy ever. At around 1 year of age, he seemed to be getting a little lonely, so we got him a female Bengal kitten as a playmate. He didn’t mark at first and wasn’t stressed out that she was there, but as soon as she grew older and went into her first heat, the male started to mark on walls and where the female sleeps and plays (to cover her scent). It wasn’t all of the time, but maybe 2-3 times per month. Once she was old enough, we bred them and from the moment she became pregnant, the male sprayed EVERYWHERE. 5-20 times per day and continued until the kittens were all old enough to be removed from the house. About a week after the last kitten left, he went back to marking about 1-3 times per month. We eventually had him neutered to calm his testonerone driven attitude and he has been a perfect kitty ever since.

My point is that he was spraying and marking to be a good mate and father (to hide all but his own scent so other predators wouldn’t know there were females/kittens there). Not that he was stressed out. So even if a cat seems to not be stressed, it could still be a very natural urge to hide all other animals scents to save them from any possible predators. I believe that an Alpha Bengal may have an even stronger instincual urge to help other cats in their “family” hide from predators.

May 04, 2011 Naala
by: Ruth

Michael is right, it’s usually stress that causes a cat to spray and sometimes because the cat feels insecure. It may be simply that she’s seen another cat out of the window and it upset her. Cats are very sensitive.

Once they start they need to keep on going back to the places they spray, to refresh their scent.

You’ve probably tried different things to clean with and alhough it looks and smells clean to you, cats can smell the slightest trace left.

You need to get some biological washing liquid, put it in hot water and wash everywhere that Naala has sprayed. Wash any bed covers, towels etc in it too as that will remove every last trace of smell.

Whatever you do don’t shout at her or punish her as that will make her worse. Once all the cleaning is done keep her busy with running around games to tire her out. Give her lots of fuss and love, not forgetting the others too of course. If you have a few cats it’s best to have some private time with each, when the others aren’t in the same room. Sometimes when cats reach 2 or 3 years of age and are more mature, jealousy kicks in.

Having said all that, if it doesn’t help, it’s just a matter of living with it. One of our cats sprays when he’s stressed, for example if someone or something new is around. It’s his way of de-stressing, but we love him and we’d never ever part with him because cats are family and no one would get rid of a family member with a stress problem would they.

Good luck, I hope it’s just a temporary thing with Naala.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 03, 2011 We had a similar situation
by: Brandy

We had a wonderful cat Figgero and for no apparent ready at 3 years old he started spraying around the house. He was always very over protective and didn’t like strangers very much (loved children though) Our vet diagnosed him with the kitty form of schizophrenia. the pills dididn’take him stop spraying though. The only thing that worked for us is when we were away he was locked in his own room. (he did not spray in there) and was only let out on a leash when we were around.

We always lived with the fact if he got loose and snuck away he would spray on something. We kept him till he was 8 and then we had him put down. It was the hardest choice we ever had to make. I wish i had a better story to share with you. We loved Figgero so much he was the most wonderful cat except for that. We rescued him from my grandparents farm. With the mental condition I’m positive he wouldnt have had a long life on the farm so I took comfort that we gave him 8 full and loving years.

Sometimes there is only so much you can do. Try everything possible; make sure to clean the pee away as soon as you find it. Try the leash and “security” room it helped us keep him for many years without ruinning your things and house. I think it was comforting for him to have his own room that was only for him. I am so sorry that this happened. It is true that some cats are just sprayers.

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