Bengal Cat Tales

Bengal Cat Tales

(Toronto, Canada)

Bengal cat added by PoC Admin. This is a fine photo by (& copyright - please respect it) Helmi Flick

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Bengal cat added by PoC Admin. This is a fine photo by (& copyright - please respect it) Helmi Flick

Bengal cat tales by a Bengal cat companion....I am really happy to learn about the Asian/Oriental cat condition "Pica", it explains a lot! My four year old Bengal loves fury/feathery toys and clothes, but more so he loves munching on paper. Needless to say, the saying "my dog ate my homework" is highly applicable. Many crumbled pieces of paper end up becoming toys that he steals out of waste paper baskets to play fetch with.

In addition, he also loves running water. He will sit by the sink pawing at the water and trying to stop it from going down the drain. Although, when it comes to the seasonal bath he hates it, being partly submerged is not his thing.

Potential buyers should be ware that they can be loud (not quite like a Siamese) however, when he wants attention or there is a closed door he will howl for minutes until he gets what he wants. He also greets us at the door when we come home and does what we call the "happy dance" scratching on his pad to show he is excited.

Although he is not a lap cat and doubt he ever will be he does sleep by our feet in bed and will sit or lean next to us on the couch pushing and stretching so that we end up sharing one cushion while he has the other two!

Bengals are a great family addition and this one was well bred and socialized so he has no problem playing with large size dogs like golden retrievers, he even curls up to them and will instigate playtime. Needless to say, Bengals are confident and above all inquisitive. Ours has to know everything whether it be food we are eating or an activity there is no hiding anything from a Bengal.

Overall, if you want an affectionate, playful, and intelligent cat the Bengal is for you.

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