Bengal Cat: The Greatest Showman

This Bengal cat is straight out of The Greatest Showman. He’s the Ringmaster in a circus. The compère of a high energy show, dazzling the customers who roar their approval. At their best, Bengal cats have a stunning high contrast appearance supported by energy and athleticism. It is all there in this great photograph which captures the moment. I have a similar one on the website by the great American cat photographer, Helmi Flick, which I have also reproduced below.

Bengal Cat the greatest showman
Bengal Cat the greatest showman. Photo by owner as published on the Fluff Society. I don’t have names. Sorry.
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Similar photo by Helmi Flick:

Bengal cat by Helmi Flick
Bengal cat copyright Helmi Flick

How was the photo done? Well, judging by the photo, it was taken while the cat was playing with and throwing around a homemade toy (it looks gray and fluffy in the picture). The posture is the exact moment the cat has picked up the toy and is flinging it over his shoulder to his right (our left). It is an instant moment very nicely captured. Helmi Flick did the same in her Bengal cat dancing photo. In that one, her husband, Ken, was waving around a cat tease out of frame and the cat was trying to catch it.

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