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Bengal cat Thriller

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Photograph © coppyright Helmi Flick Bengal Cat Thriller is an important Bengal cat in the breeding program. His full name is: OS, IW, RW, SGC Bridlewood A License to Thrill “Thriller.” According to the website, who quote TICA, Thriller has sired half of the top 10 Bengal adult cats as at mid July 2005. He was also the best Bengal kitten internationally in 2003-2004. Here are some more accolades. These are a selection only:

  • He was the most successful show cat winner as a kitten
  • He achieved best Bengal Kitten, Best All Breed Kitten at GoldenTriangle/Beaumont, TX
  • He achieved Best Bengal Kitten, Best of the Best All Breed Kitten at Memphis, TN
  • DGC Thriller was the Best Bengal and the Best of the Best All Breed Cat at his first adult show in Waco, Texas. In all of the 10 he finaled and finished with 8 Best Cat awards
  • QGC Thriller was the Best Bengal at the World Cat Congress. He was 2nd Best All Breed Cat in Show at his 2nd show in Houston, Texas.

OK, he’s good, excellent in fact. This is a great picture too, capturing movement, it has a dynamic quality, which is one of the hallmarks of a Bengal cat, in my opinion.

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4 thoughts on “Bengal Cat THRILLER”

  1. I have a Thriller grandson, about to be 17 years old. While he was never a show cat he is my velcro kitty and never meets a stranger. Greets and loves on anyone willing to pay him attention.

  2. I showed a Bengal cat alongside Thriller. You just had to see it. He was a large cat, tiny ears, dark rosettes, he walked onto the judges platform as if he owned it. He would take every first prize that there was at the show. My claim to fame is that my cat, Tiger Butter came in first ahead of Thriller one time.


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