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This is not a full Bengal cat vs Exotic SH battle but a comparison of the character as demonstrated in the taking of a photograph of fine examples of these different breeds. The Bengal cat is thought of as relatively active and alert, while perhaps at the opposite end of the spectrum the Persian group of cats of which the Exotic Shorthair is one (a short haired ultra Persianin effect) are laid back and sometimes a little unkindly thought of as part of the furniture.In other words they do relatively little, are amiable and well suited to full-time indoor life.

I think the video shows the difference admirably. It is not often that we get the chance to place two cats from contrasting breeds under the same circumstances and see how each reacts. It does tell a story, I think. And it is better than a verbal description of personality.

Bengal Cat vs Exotic Shorthair – see how they respond under the same conditions and stimulus. My grateful thanks to the Flicks for allowing me to video them at work at the Oklahoma 2009 cat show.

Bengal cat Jewel
Bengal Cat Jewel – photo copyright Helmi Flick
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Exotic Shorthair cat
Exotic Shorthair Cat – photo copyright Helmi Flick

Let’s look at what a couple of experts says about the character or personality if these cat breeds. The breed standard emphasises that the Bengal cat must not be challenging. This is a throwback to the early days I think when some Bengal cats were difficult.They are after all wild cat hybrids but the modern Bengals are very much domestic cats.

They are smart and intelligencetranslates into curiosity which further translates into activity. Gloria Stephens (legacy of the cat) quotes TICA breed standard for the Bengal: confident, alert and curious.The Exotic Shorthair is bundled together with Persians and pointed Persians (Himalayans). Gloria says that these cats are laid back for the most part. They are happiest lounging and being decorative. That says it all. Of course there will be variation from cat to individual cat.

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