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Bengal Cats Need Great Socialization — 5 Comments

  1. I received 2 female, spayed, littermate Bengals to rehome in Dec 2017. They will be 2 Feb 2018. It clearly appears neither of these cats was socialized with humans and although they are not aggressive, they run and are still terrified. I have them in one bedroom with their food, litter, toys, beds and a tall bed and two large windows to pear out. They love to play with a string and feather on a pole but want nothing to do with human contact. I have a resident Main Coon mix who sneaked into the room and all was fine until the Bengals started to run which immediately triggered his predatory instincts and he went on the chase before I could stop him. Although they never made contact with each other it sounded like WWIII. I got his attention and he just walked out like he had conquered the beast. I want these Bengals to happy, healthy, loving kitties, but I fear that’s just not going to be. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Phew, is my initial reaction. I think you may struggle to ‘domesticate’ them. They say cats are socialized in the first 7 weeks of life. When their characters are fixed it can be hard. I think you’ll just have to be very patient and gradually socialise them by interacting with them day in and day out. Plenty of play and gradual improved contact with humans will make progress. It is is about time and patience. Good luck. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well, I know this is old post but I am responding anyway. I have owned lynx, serval, f1 Savannah and f1, f2, f3 Bengals. The secret is socializing the kittens early. I recently purchased a Rag Doll kitten 9 weeks old and is very very wild. Has bitten and scratched me and constantly hisses. It is obvious this kitten was ignored. So my point is, it doesn’t matter the breed, socialization by the breeder is important and it does not end there. The new parents must be sure to keep up the socializing. This little Rag Doll has been the hardest to tame out of all the wild and early generation cats I have had. At this very moment I am holding 10 day old f3 Bengal kittens to start the socialization. Never have had any of my cats go ballistic. That may be an owner issue.

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