Bengal Mix?

by CMM

Striking eyes and coat

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Striking eyes and coat

Striking eyes and coat Spine curvature

My friend got this cat at an auction, and gave it to me after she could not care for her anymore. If it weren't for her white paws, I would think she looked a lot like a Sokoke or a Bengal mix, with her incredibly soft fur, longer hind legs than forelegs, and curvature of her spine. I do currently live in Florida, where there is a breeder for both. I want to get her DNA tested because I am very curious. She acts like a Bengal, but she has a lot of ticking in her coat, which isn't favored in that breed.

She likes to play with water, especially when I shower, she likes to join me! She is also very playful (she rarely sleeps), and is not a lap cat but will lay on my stomach from time to time. I have taught her how to sit, shake, and stay without clicker training. She is highly intelligent, responds to her name when I call her, and she doesn't seem to fear anything, in fact, she actually enjoys riding in the car. I have given her real fur mousies that she loves to pick up in her mouth and carry around (and will play fetch). Unfortunately she likes to play rough and does like to bite. I am trying to break her of that habit. She makes an usual sound when she meows: it is like a chirp or a coo. She is not incredibly vocal and doesn't purr very often, which I find strange.

She certainly does not behave like any cat I have ever grown up with! She may just be a special mutt, which is fine with me! However, almost everyone who meets her comments on her beautiful coat and her striking personality... thus prompting me to wonder more...?

Note: I have had her for eight months now, roughly, and because I got her fixed, she has gained a few pounds... these pictures range from present to when she was literally a baby! She is still less than a year old, however, and still growing... she is awfully small for her age.


Hi.... Thanks for visiting and posting. First things first, two of your photos were not successfully uploaded which is why they are not on the page!

You can redo it if you wish and I'll add them to the page manually.

Secondly, I changed the title because lots of people ask, "what breed is my cat?" and my answer is always the same or similar! And "Bengal Mix" is a keyword (a word or phrase people use to search on the internet).

OK with that out of the way, you can see what I think from the title I have given the page.

My first thought is that she does not look like your typical moggie, random bred cat. Neither does she behave like a typical moggie - if there is such a cat. As you indicate her behavior is very much that of a wildcat hybrid.

Florida is a place where there are a number of Bengal cat breeders.

Basically, I tend to agree with all you say. I think you have come to the right conclusion, which is that she is a Bengal or Sokoke mix. I think it is more likely to be the former as the Sokoke is a very rare cat breed.

She has that wildcat hybrid face to me. Her ears are large (Sokoke type ears) and her coat is blotched tabby but she seems to be a calico cat. Am I correct?

Sometimes cat breeders of purebred cats try out something different. They make an experiment. I remember Martin Stucki of A1 Savannahs talking about the Savannah cat and what its appearance should be and he mentioned that a cat breeder was cross-breeding her Savannah cats with an American bobtail or something. He was not pleased. You do get breeders who step out of line and breed a cat that is very much not of the breed.

I would think that she is a Bengal cat mix, one removed from purebred.

These are just my top of the head on the run thoughts. Someone may do better.

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Jul 23, 2011 Amazing cats
by: Kay

I have a Bengal Bob and he is the most amazing cat ever. Gorgeous. Loves people and isn't a bit afraid of a stranger (when someone rings the front door bell, he goes running like a dog to see who it is). Doesn't seem to like other cats much (even though he grew up in a whole house with them).
He is interested in water more than most cats I've had. Very fastidious.
I'll never have a cat that's not a Bengal Bob or just a straight American Bobtail. They are just the most amazing cats ever. A treasure!

Apr 29, 2011 I have one like that!
by: Kim A, Sarasota FL

Coincidence? I think not! I live in Sarasota, FL and a few months ago I adopted a kitten from a shelter. When I brought her home the first thing my daughter said was "Mom, she looks just like a clouded leopard!"

She has the same temperament as your cat: chirps, squeaks, and peeps, does everything but meow. She has several fake fur mousies and carries them everywhere with her. I have owned many cats throughout my life and she acts like no other cat I have owned. She eats anything and everything, and especially loves raw meat...she chortles and growls to herself while eating it.

She has very widespread ears that turn out at 90 degrees. Her eyes are round and brown. Her coat is almost identical to your cat's and her markings are very similar. the only difference is that my cat is going to be HUGE--she is just gone 8 months and already at 10 pounds. Her paws are massive, almost 2x the size of her current housemate, a 4 year-old female tabby.

I don't know where you live in Florida, but I know there are many unethical breeders here who are experimenting, and unfortunately they dump their "failed" experiments. You and I probably each own one!

Mar 19, 2011 Thanks!
by: CMM

Thank you guys so much for the response! Hmm, I'm not sure why the other photos didn't load. How would I add the other pictures again? Perhaps through e-mail?

Yes, her coat is very glossy. In the pictures it looks like a calico pattern, but her pattern is actually marbled. However, like I said, there is ticking in her coat, which made me think of the Sokoke. Then again, from my research, her temperament seems to match more of a Bengal's type.

I thought maybe she was crossed with a Snowshoe, but maybe a Birman is right? My mother owns too moggies (one is in the picture with my cat, ironically) and I never thought my kitten appeared anything like them. Either way, it was mostly my curiosity. I love her no matter what πŸ˜‰ she is a very special little kitty! I'm glad you guys agree that I think she is mixed with wildcat.

Mar 19, 2011 my thoughts
by: Kathy W

At first look, I thought for sure part Bengal. The coat looks extremely shiny like a Bengal. As I was looking at her picture the thought of a Birman outcross entered my mind. The brownish nose, white paws, white stomach. My Bengal has a birman outcross in him. After researching what breed his father might have been, the Birman came the closest. Plus the fact that eventually he had a birman kitten. Most of the kittens had white poaws and the dad had that brown birman nose plus his markings were the light brownish of the Birmans I looked at. Although only that one kitten was born with the longer hair. Plus your cat looks like it might have some Bengal Glitter on the fur, although its hard to see that in a picture.

22 thoughts on “Bengal Mix?”

  1. I have a cat that looks just like this. I was wondering the same thing. Her coat is very different from any other cat I know. I’m a cat groomer and I see a lot of cats and the only cats I see that have this type of soft Plush Hair are bengals. Her coat is very shiny and looks exactly like the cat in the picture.

  2. here’s another photo of her. she also stopped growing and stayed almost kitten size. tons of wild energy, even at 3 years old, and SUPER smart! she even fetches.

  3. I have a kitto i have also thought was part bengal for a very long time. From New Orleans, so same situation where there are lots of bengals and breeders around. Fig looks so similar to your kitty!

  4. I have had two cats practically identical one bought from a pet shop and later the same cats daughter! They’re def Bengal mixes and distinctive noises like chirping and quacking amuse me a lot. Faithful, liking company, not good with other cats. Beautiful soft fur and small compared to other cats.
    With the mystery cat bought from pet shop one of the give aways that she had Bengal genes was that as a kitten she could climb a tree and come down the tree feet first! The other indicator was the vocalisation ( a lot of it!). I live in north London


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