Bengal Springs Cattery

by Angie
(Spring Hill, FL )

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Bengal Springs ~ from the Wild to your Home. Specializing in stunning Silver Bengals from top quality & champion TICA lines. Bring home a touch of the Wild with one of our exotic silver Bengal kittens.

Bengal Springs Cattery - link broken April 2013

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Bengal Springs Cattery

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Nov 13, 2011
Thank you Rudolph & Michael for your comments!
by: Angie

BengalSprings Jax ~ the cat pictured above, is from Steely & Bluewater IC. IC is a brown spotted bengal with the most beautiful green eyes. We are very lucky to have Steely, he continues to do us proud with stunning wild type kittens that have loving personalities.

Nov 13, 2011
Bengal Springs cattery
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

A real Beautiful cat.Strange but true, although this breed of cats has an Indian connection by name they are unknown in India as there is no cat club nor a cat registry.

Nov 12, 2011
by: Michael

Hi Angie, I didn't realize that your cattery is the home of CH Victorysbengals Steely. He is a famous cat! One of the famous Bengal show cats.

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Michael Broad

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Bursik says:

    We are seeing a specialist on Wednesday but research tells us we are screwed. Such an unfortunate event. I put the blame on myself for trusting some hillbilly in spring hill ” Angie Nichols” and paying $700 dollars rather than the $1200 price other catteries offered. I guess I felt safe seeing his medical records and getting a 3 gen pedigree. In the end we are glad we got to have 4 happy years with Lincoln and maybe more to come. We will not give up on such a great personality and loving friend.

  2. Tom Bursik says:

    We purchased “Lincoln” a beautiful Bengal from Angie in spring hill. Lincoln was born on 8/29/11. We just got back from the vet and he has a genetic disorder and chronic kidney failure at only age 4!!! We are heart broken and although Angie’s number is no longer in service, rest assured I will be contacting you.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Thank you, Tom, for commenting. It doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I’m sure that she is not the only Breeder of the Bengal cat to fail to ensure that the cats that they breed are healthy. It is said that the Bengal cat originates from about four individual cats. What I’m saying is that the entire population of Bengal cats in the world come from four different cat or something like that as I recall. That in itself is not a very healthy sign because it hints at inbreeding and inbreeding results in ill health because of depressed immune systems and as you mention genetic disorders. One of the well-known Bengal cat genetic disorders is a condition called “Bengal nose“. This is just one example.

      The link below goes to a page on bangle cat health:

      Thanks again to commenting and sharing your experiences.

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