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Bengal tiger numbers are up in India! — 2 Comments

  1. Very happy to know that the tiger population in India has increased by 30%, a miracle. I myself thought that the numbers would remain stagnant or worse decrease. In India i have visited Bandipur, Mudumulai,Nagarhole Bandhavgarh and the Tadoba Tiger reserves to date. Was successful in finally spotting a wild tiger in the Tadoba National park in 2014, a sight that will be etched in my memory for a life-time. My observations of the “Tiger National Parks” is that they have “Village Corridors” in their midst and hence tigers and humans live in close proximation in certain parts of the tiger reserves.Highways pass through many reserves most prominently in Bandhavgarh and so also are cultivated fields situated inside tiger reserves.Cattle graze within the reserves and at times fall prey to the “Big Cats”. The villager is compensated if a tiger lifts cattle and hence some peace observed.between man and beast . At times a tiger does kill a villager as has happened in Bandhavgarh and then it is declared a “MAN-EATER” and killed.My personal opinion as also of most conservationist is that the the “TIGER CORRIDORS” in National parks have to be made more safe for both humans and tigers.Villages can be shifted from core tiger habitat to pave way for a clear corridor as tigers require vast tracts of forests for prowling.Otherwise the tiger numbers could stagnate at the present census levels as any more increase in tiger numbers in the “National Parks” could create a serious problem of animal-human conflict which could ultimately result in a increase in poaching.Read my blog on the “Bandhavgarh” and “Tadoba Safari” to understand a typical tiger safari in India. We were lucky to finally spot our tigers in Tadoba.A) Bandhavgarh :- http://trektours.blogspot.in/ B0 Tadoba :- http://tadobaandharitiger.blogspot.in/

    • “Village Corridors” in their midst and hence tigers and humans live in close proximation in certain parts of the tiger reserves…

      That and the other human interferences in the tiger range seems to be a bad idea. I completely agree with everything you say. The news is good but the pressure needs to be kept up and merging humans and tigers within reserves can undermine the conservation process I feel. I suppose it comes down to a balance between human and tiger and until now the human has definitely got the lion’s share of space!

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