Bengal tiger poachers trap them in metal jaws and skewer them in mouth and anus

In order to preserve the fur coat I’m told that tiger poachers in India trap adult tigers with metal traps which clamp around their paws and while they are incapacitated they skewer them in their mouth and from behind (which I presume is a reference to their anus). It creates a quite horrifying image in the mind.

The poachers do this in order to sell the body parts to China and countries in Southeast Asia. Surely something is going to be done about this? It is well beyond time that this is stopped. It is beyond my comprehension that is allowed to carry on. All that the news media does is to report on the relentless poaching of tigers but I never see reports of major efforts taking place to stop it.

In one story on the Daily Mail website and which is to be aired on television, a warden tenderly raised two tiger cubs who have lost their mother, believed to be illegally poached for the fur market. A good aspect of a terrible story.

Raising tiger cubs by hand in India after mother was killed by poachers
Raising tiger cubs by hand in India after mother was killed by poachers. This story is replayed time and again in India and Bangladesh.
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Another snippet of good news (if the data is accurate) is that the authorities in India have declared to the world that the tiger population in the country has risen by 700 since four years ago. They have decided that there are 2,967 tigers in their country up from 2,264 years ago. Is believed that 60% of Bengal tigers are India and therefore there could be around 4,000 tigers in the wild on the planet which is a drop of 95% over the past hundred years. Bengladesh is the other main country where the Bengal tiger is found.

It appears to me that at least the tiger population, which includes Siberian tigers and Sumatran tigers, has stabilised but the species is still incredibly vulnerable and endangered because of relentless poaching (plus habitat loss). Poaching results in the killing of two tigers every week and where there are cubs they are left behind to fend for themselves.

Anybody who has any sensitivity towards animal welfare must scream inside at the ruthless cruelty and mindbogglingly idiotic beliefs of people in Asia who believe that eating tiger parts does some good. There needs to be a mass re-education of Asians to put them straight about eating tiger body parts. All it achieves is cruelty, orphaned cubs, pain and anguise and the decimation of the tiger population on the planet and it does no good for them personally.

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