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In truth, the Bengal tiger population is not clearly known. Today, December 2018, I have reviewed the Bengal tiger population and I note that Wikipedia states an estimate of 2500 and National Geographic presents a figure of 4000 (which is clearly wrong). It's a difficult position to be in because we do not know with certainty how many Bengal tigers exist at this time.

The general feeling is that there are about 3500 tigers living in the wild on the planet. Most of these are Bengal tigers and some of them are Siberian Tigers. There are also other subspecies of tiger included in this number.

The IUCN Red List website is utterly unhelpful. They should be the ultimate arbiter of population sizes of the wild species but I can't find a figure on their website. They simply say that the population is decreasing. Thank you very much for that!

I would have to conclude that as at 2018 the number of Bengal tigers in the wild is probably in between the figure that I have stated below, which is about 1500 to about 2500 as stated by Wikipedia. There is still a general decline in population size due to human pressures.

Sumatran tiger

Sumatran tiger by Brookshaw Photography

The Bengal tiger belongs to the world. It always did and more so now that the world Bengal tiger population is estimated at 1410 (or is it 1411?) at the date of this post - 2011. That is assuming that this figure is correct as it is ever changing downwards. The Bengal tiger is the jewel in the crown of the the world's animals. The world's favorite animal. We don't know how to keep it for the world because individual people like to keep it for themselves, it is that precious.

It is being stolen from the world by habitat loss and poaching for its body so that people can consume it and thereby transfer the tiger's strength to them. It is a shame that people think this; that they have to eat a strong animal to become strong themselves.

There has been constant motivation for people living in India or journeying to the country to kill the tiger for body parts to supply China. A tiger's body is worth £215,000 in China. The bones are the most valuable - crushed and put into wine. It is produced and sold in tiger farms where tigers are inbreed and kept in appalling conditions. But it is cheaper to kill a wild one! It makes economic sense

The Bengal tiger population has been falling consistently as a result and now stands at a precarious 1410. How can these very small fragmented populations survive (see map below)? Won't there be inbreeding and a loss of health, further threatening the Bengal tiger's survival?

I think that you will find that the experts say that a minimum viable population is about 500 (in each area). If that is correct the Bengal tiger is doomed. The Siberian tiger was found to have a population in terms of breeding potential far below its actual population.

The Times newspaper says that the Bengal tiger is under threat because of the tiger body part trade feeding China, as if it were news. It has been that way for decades.

The position is even more precarious for the Bengal tiger now because China can simply not change its ways. They have allowed trade in legally acquired tiger parts. How can we tell if it is legal? And there is rub. It will muddy the already muddy waters of the tiger body part trade and encourage more poachers to kill. A favorite is poison and there is enough corruption in the area to ensure that the so called protected areas in India stay firmly unprotected.

It is arguable, it seems to me that the Bengal tiger population is already unsustainable, which means that even if there was no poaching from now on it would still gradually fade away in the wild.

The Bengal tiger belongs to the world and the world must act.

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Bengal Tiger Population

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Jan 29, 2012I PROMISE!!!!
by: Jayce (im a 15 year old girl)

if i had enough power myself i would kill every single person slowly that did anything to a tiger even close to this. and if i ever see anyone like this i promise i will kill them and it will be slowly and painfully like peeling off your skin then burning you that way you wont bleed out and much much more stuff like that. i have dreamed of killing every one that abuses animal every since i can remember and i hope one day i will find a way to do it. this want inside of me will never go away i know it wont. tigers have been special to me from the begging there my favorite animal and always will be. i also do not understand why god just does not kill of the animal abusers that kill animals for there own personal enjoyment or satisfaction. i ask him almost everyday to but still nothing i would love to do it for him and i promise i will given the chance.

Jun 03, 2011why kill them?
by: Anonymous

What is the need to kill the poor tigers? What have they ever done to this world? they just get on with their lives and hope to survive.

Did you know that out of the 4 cubs that a mother tigers give birth to at least 2 of them will die from starvation or get lost or get caught by poachers.

Jun 03, 2011why kill them?
by: Anonymous

What is the need to kill the poor tigers? What have they ever done to this world? they just get on with their lives and hope to survive.

Did you know that out of the 4 cubs that a mother tigers give birth to at least 2 of them will die from starvation or get lost or get caught by poachers.

May 18, 2011hi god
by: Anonymous

hi god si hi to jesus for me and why dont you kill all the people who are harming the tigers?

P.S. tigers are awsome!

P.P.S sorry about my spellings!

P.P.P.S Ime a tiger in chinese terms!

Apr 12, 2011why are you killing my creation
by: god

did you know there use to be nine species of tigers three of them are extinct and the other six are on the brink of extinction because of stupid fucking humans killing and eating them and using them as medicine and are children wont be able to see these beautiful creatures there only going see them in books or on the internet.

Mar 13, 2011animals!!
by: Anonymous

yes, i agree with people that we shouldn't kill the animals but how about our food which is come from animals?..chicken,beef,pork and more!!

Jan 18, 2011Everyone should be created equal
by: Bella

In America, people say everyone is created equal. Shouldn't that saying include animals as well? Precious animal species are going extinct everyday because of people’s greed and the selfish belief that humans are superior to animals. Tiger farms are horrible and just prove that once again people are viewing themselves superior to the animals around them. When people kill Bengal Tigers they are committing murder. There is no other word for it. It's MURDER! Murder is wrong and that is why I believe killing Bengal Tiger is wrong. I can't believe anyone would be so selfish as to commit murder for their own selfish gain. We need to stop killing Bengal tigers. I’ve already joined Project Tiger and you should too. So the question I ask you is: isn’t everyone created equal? I believe so. Do you?

Jan 04, 2011I Will Kill You i promise
by: Jayce Kelly

okay my name is jayce i am a 14 year old girl and i promise on my life if i ever see a person that has anything that supports tiger farms i promise i will kill you. but the funny thing is i fucking tourcher you first you bitches i fucking promise i will kill you!!! because i love tigers i always have and i always will and anyone who ruins that i will kill you!!!!!

o and if anyone wants to contact me they can at ja**********@ho*****.com

Dec 01, 2010post from a kid
by: Anonymous

How sad.... i absolutely LOVE bengal tigers..

Apr 29, 2010bengal tigers
by: Anonymous

i believe that there body parts are used for food and most is used for make up and deoderants

Sep 17, 2009Response to last comment
by: Michael

I believe that the point you wish to make is that people should not kill the tiger or any other animal without good reason. For the tiger to be poisoned for short term, cynical, commercial gain is deplorable and an injustice against the world as a whole.

Sep 17, 2009you can not kill animals

can you kill any animal?

If you can't why do you kill any animal.

You are just a mean person you do not care do you want to die early you do not i know i don't

Sep 03, 2009Bengal Tiger.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtao

Excellent article and i also personally feel that the Royal bengal Tiger is doomed to extinction in its native habitat in india.Their only chance of survival could be in "Zoological Parks" but this could later lead to excessive "INBREEDING" if a proper check is not maintained on their copulation in zoo's.Ultimately we human species would be happy to own 'PET EXOTIC CATS" like the "Bengal cat","Savannah cat" and a few more on the "Designer cat list" once all the "World's big cats" become extinct in the Wild. Hope my "DOOMSDAY PREDICTION" of the extinction of the 'BIG CATS" is ptooved wrong, decades from today and the "BiG CATS" are restored to viable breeding populations in their natural habitat.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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1 Response

  1. Love Bengal tigers girl says:

    I love Bengal tigers and they shouldn’t do this stuff to them if it was the other way around us as them would we want to be killed for food or just for our skins well news flash nobody wants that to happen to them so why not just leave them in the wild they are precious things and as valuable as us so why don’t we stop this cruelty and help because killing them won’t make the world better little by little we should help them and that’s the truth

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