Bengals make great pets but buy from a reputable breeder!

by Megan

Drinkwater Vegas of Heavenly Spots - photo added by Michael (Admin) and copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright

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Drinkwater Vegas of Heavenly Spots - photo added by Michael (Admin) and copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright

Never buy an animal just because it is cheaply priced! The same goes for Bengal cats. I found the Bengal breed about 6 years ago and bought from a small breeder who was asking $400 for her kittens.

I got a nice cat, but when comparing him to an expensive, well bred Bengal, he just looked cheap. Don't get me wrong, he's a great cat, but it just shows that you really do get what you pay for.

Take it from me, save a little more money and get a well bred animal. Breeders that put more time and energy into their litters will generally ask more for their kittens which makes sense.

Just like how it doesn't make sense that people think that they can get a good puppy from a pet store. NO reputable breeder would ever sell one of their well bred animals to a pet store!

I did get an F2 female Bengal last year from a great breeder and she's just beautiful and has a great personality! I am thinking of getting an F1 in the future and can't wait!


Bengals make great pets but buy from a reputable breeder! to Bengal Cats

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Bengals make great pets but buy from a reputable breeder!

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Apr 20, 2012 cats NEW
by: timbo

Never heard of this breed of cats. I have two cats at home and love them dearly. This breed looks very interesting. Now I'll have to Google the name for more info. I will read up on them till my eye stye starts acting up.

Jun 15, 2011 re
by: Anonymous

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Mar 26, 2011 pet store benglas
by: Anonymous

Actually I bought 2 Bengals from a small pet store and they are the best cats I have ever owned. Breeders sell to pet stores all the time. Now I'm not saying all pet stores are good to buy from...but not all are bad. Sometimes breeders have a hard time selling and it makes more sense if they have help from a pet store because pet stores bring in more people. My girlfriend works at a set store and get lots of Bengals and special breeds from bredders to sell.

Mar 21, 2011 thanks
by: SEO

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Mar 26, 2010 My Comment
by: Anonymous


I do believe you get what you pay for, but there may be some Breeders out there that are just rich enough to pay for HCM Screening etc and still have great quality cats and kittens. However after meeting with several Breeders and showing for several years I've learned that it's all in the effort and dedication the breeder and owner take that has allot to do with what your Bengal's temperment will be like. However I adopted a bengal my very first from a breeder costing me only $300 and he died less than a year later of FIP. The cats I paid allot more for came from smaller Breeders who care abou the betterment of the breed and are willing to do whatever it takes to produce a well tempered, sweet and great looking Bengal. You have to have the knowledge as well and YES in this economy perhaps some Breeders are charging less but the Bengal's I've had in the past I have learned from experience that the Breeders pretty much broke even and it was the care and health services that brought up the cost of the kitten as well as the socilization. I have a Bengal that I believe didn't totally meet the standard and cost me quiet a bit of money but he managed to SGCA so whose to say all Judges look at the standard diferently. I just believe that what I have is one bengal that cost me allot but I speak to the Breeder daily, my bengal is therapy trained and now a possible gosee for a feature film in NY. My show bengal which cost only a bit less has been diagnosed with HCM that;s just the way I see it. You can also get great Rescue cats and bring them back to health it's all in your perception.

Mar 26, 2010 my comment
by: kathy

I have to disagree with you!! I bought a beautiful bengal from a pretty reputable breeder back in 2000 for probaly about 100.00. He was the joy of my life and he certainly did not look cheap compared to any other Bengals that I saw anywhere. I wish I had my own computer so I could put his picture on here. He was dark Smoke colored with Black spots. His beautiful coat sparkled in the sun with that golden glitter that Bengals are famous for. I also just purchased a Savannah Kitten for less than 1,000.00. So does that make her inferior to any other SAvannahs?? I dont think so. She is turning out to be one of the most beautiful Savannahs ever. She totally fits the standard 100% and I am very interested in showing her if I can. Price does not make a purebred cat inferior.

Mar 17, 2010 F1's
by: Keira Marie Nguyen

If you're interested in getting a FANTASTIC f1 check out Breeder: Julie Calderon from Calista Bengals in FL she has such sweet tempered and totally exotic looking Foundation cats. They are worth the work you put into them. You will get what you pay for expect it too be a much higher price though than $400 they go for over a thousand dollars and are well worth it with the right Breeder!

Mar 05, 2010 $400 is the average price
by: Maggie Sharp


The price of the kittens isn't determined by how good the breeder is, it's generally determined by the quality of the kittens, and the amount of litters being produced on average per year.

You usually get breeding quality kittens, show quality kittens and pet quality kittens. I got my Abyssinian, Chilli, for $600, it was first assumed he was a show quality kitten, but then a kink in his tail was discovered, so I purchased him without the intent to show and therefore at pet quality price.

Chilli's breeder has about 6-8 litters a year, maybe a bit less, can you imagine how much it would cost to raise all those kittens? It would most certainly exceed your budget, which is why the prices are a bit high. $400 is a good price, I know many fantastic breeders who charge that much for a kitten, and it's simply because they don't have as many litters and don't need as much money to go back into the cattery.

Just because your $400 Bengal doesn't look as good as the more expensive one, doesn't at all mean that the breeder is bad...

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