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Best and worst US states for animals — 13 Comments

  1. So, Geri had hot coffee poured on one of her cats by putting it where that could happen to it? How responsible and caring of you. Throw some more cats under the wheels of cars too, or where they are forced to climb-up into an engine-compartment for warmth then later cut-in-half by the fan-blade, because you “love” them so much.

    Nobody’s buying your manipulative self-victimization act anymore, except of course, those that use the same low-life tactic throughout their lives as well. That’s why all their free-roaming cats are being destroyed as fast as possible today–cat “lovers” put their expendable, unwanted, disposable (read: just as valuable as a bit of toilet-paper blowing in the wind) cats where they can be destroyed by the majority of more responsible humans who actually DO care about the world and all life on it.

    • (minor correction: “by putting it where that could happen to it?” to “by putting it OR leaving it where that could happen to it?”)

  2. Hmmm…..what if the story was leaked to the local paper and reward offered in story? I doubt the OM would agree to post,Sitel is all about the numbers. But when I go back to work I will find out.

    • Absolutely!
      Send the Examiner article to The Banner.
      Email them. But, I would, also, copy and paste it to the Editor and any sub-editors.

  3. I doubt the company would assist. There are a few there,my manager,the grounds’ keeper,and some coworkers who are concerned. I will find out and let you know.

  4. The feeding stations have been moved,sometimes the food is eaten,sometimes not. The stations were not where the cats would bother people to begin with,but trashy people are trashy people. I doubt the MCSD will even take note. But I will inquire,I know a few deputies.Thanks Dee

  5. It is awful and those kinds of people do not even care about the effect it has on the people who love those animals.When I found the kitten it was shocking. The thought of how much she had suffered nearly made me faint. It made me sick. And they all just looked away. I have great contempt for these people now. Just a tiny baby……how was it hurting them?

    • Is your employment stable enough that you could post a copy of the Examiner article on the employee bulletin board with a modest reward offered? I know some folks who would contribute for the reward.

  6. Not surprised Florida is the worst,been battling the cat haters for years. The state is full of ignorant,souless people. Florida caters to the cat haters.
    This is what my coworkers at Sitel did to a helpless kitten at work.They poured a pot of hot coffee on the baby. I called a local rescue to save her.And no one will do the right thing and provide names of those involved. And the other cats there were TNRed and have been so terrorized they will no longer come to the feeding stations. I hardly even see them anymore. And I have to worry what fate they met with because of the trash Sitel hires.Evil,pure evil.

    • Geri, the better solution for this sort of abuse is to call the MCSD. Even if they do nothing but interview emplyees, they must document your complaint and any statements made. Then, you can get a copy of all and submit to the State Attorney’s Office. Should they find no merit, at least you have started a paper trail for Sitel. That’s what’s needed. The TNR’d cats that have become scarce and too terrified to go to their feeding stations, are likely still in the area. I would move the stations to another area that is out of sight but in the same vacinity. Pouring a trail of dry food from the old area to the new may help them find their way.
      Cat welfare is getting a little better here in Marion County, but it’s slow in spreading to the forest.

  7. I live in New Mexico and I agree wholeheartedly. I live next to a rental and every single time it’s been rented out, it’s been by people who neglect their dogs and cats. Dealing with Animal Care in this state is impossible. I never really got any help. I finally gave up and the people moved, but it was so disheartening and very depressing. They were weightlifting, steroid taking, bow hunting – trophy hunters. Young and arrogant. Moved in set up cameras everywhere. It was hell. They also contracted out to the Forest Service, lovely.

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