Best Cat Food – Royal Canin S/O Wet and Dry

(Montreal, Canada)

My two cats – brother and sister both contacted UTI – struvites – Originally they were on Royal Canin s/o (“S/O”) wet and dry but I switched to Fancy Feast or as it is known “kitty crack” = both developed struvite.

The female was operated on a year ago (Dec 2010) successful – and back on s/o but wet primarily with dry as a treat – so far no problems – her brother also on s/o.

In October I put the brother back on Fancy Feast wet and yes he has a struvite and hopefully will be cured.

Only found out yesterday (Xmas) now he is back on wet s/o. Even as a prevention I swear up to now use the s/o wet and dry as a treat. Dry food is bad in large amounts so don’t take any risk.

S/O can be used for a lifetime, unlike Hills c/d.

Mary S

Note: Royal Canin Urinary S/O is for the nutritional management of:

–Bacterial cystitis
–Dissolution of struvite uroliths
–Reduction of recurrence of struvite.

You can get Royal Canin “Urinary SO Wet”.

Note… Michael has added the notes and changed the title. If Mary S wants something amended, please leave a comment, thanks….Michael (Admin)

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