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Best cat tree in the USA
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What is the best cat tree in the USA? How do you figure this out? I decided on this method:

  1. Buy from Amazon. They have a large selection from different suppliers. They are reliable and their prices are outstanding. They have customer reviews aplenty. There is one caveat: customer reviews are very useful but should be read with a degree of caution as these days so called, “customer reviews” can be the work of professional writers!
  2. Digest the assessment of a respected cat lover and professional writer. Who better than Franny Syufy of who regular writes product guides.
  3. Where the two methods described in 1 and 2 above intersect or correlate, those cat trees or cat tree will be the best. At least it will be one of the best. Caveat: Franny Syufy may have made her selection based on Amazon listings! As usual a best cat tree listing should be assessed itself or at least used cautiously.

This assessment relates to the North American market.

Cat Trees on as at Christmas 2010

Cat Tree – these are links to the Amazon page Reviews No. of reviews x rating Price
1 Cat Tree, Beige 50 x 26 x 74 inches ; 65 pounds
119, 4.5 stars 535.5 $127.49
2 Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory 102, 4.5 459 $84.99
3 Beige 73 22, 4 88 $58.99
4 Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6202, Beige 22, 4.5 99 $100.91
5 Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige 36, 5 180 $149.20
6 Armarkat B5301 53-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory 43, 4.5 193.5 $93.29
7 Molly and Friends 27, 5 135 $257.58
8 47– Cat Tree Condo in Beige Faux Fur 16, 4 64 $76.95
9 62 – Cat Tree in Beige Faux Fur 20, 3.5 70 $59.99

The best cat trees based on the list above are the ones highlighted in “Alice Blue” when also taking into account price.

Best cat tree — Franny’s top picks

  1. Armarkat 74″ Deluxe 9 Level Cat Tree – this is item no. 1 above.
  2. Angelical Cat Rustic Medium Cat Tree – a more natural product that might appeal to outdoor/indoor cats. The support posts are tree trunks.

I will stop there because it is obvious, on this selection criteria, that the best cat tree in the US, is the Armaket 74″ which is listed as No. 1 in the list above.

It is 74″ tall. That is just over 6 feet tall. I think that is acceptable in a room as it is about the height of the male human.

Are there any other reviews that support this assessment? The website: features the 74″ Armakat (item 1 in the table above) and rate it 4.67 out of 5 from 6 reviews (link opens in a new window – links can become defective over time). This is clearly a good product at a very reasonable price on Amazon. A decent sized cat tree would seem to necessary as it is designed to replicate tree climbing, provide a high vantage point and a cat scratcher all in one.

Photo: An Amazon customer – thank you.

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