Best Friend

by Marilyn Papp
(Belle River, Ontario, Canada)

Everywhere we are, Whitney is to!

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Everywhere we are, Whitney is to!

Who says a man's best friend is his dog? In our world it is our cat "Whitney" who is a Maine Coon. After our Himalayan "Mocha" passed away (18 years old) we missed the presence of an animal in the home.

We rescued Whitney from an animal shelter, at the age of 2, and at that time they had named her Laura, which seemed so inappropriate to us. We renamed her Whitney because she is so vocal.

Whitney is always by our side, follows us outside on the balcony and comes in with us, tells us when it is bedtime and tells us when she would like us to watch TV on the couch.

Wherever we are Whitney is there. The Maine Coon breed seems to be such a loyal breed. Could not have made a better choice when we adopted Whitney.


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Best Friend

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Jul 27, 2011 Owner of Whitney
by: Marilyn Papp

Well I took Whitney to the Vet (Cat Clinic) and what a mess. I felt so bad for leaving Whitney. Her bumps around her neck and tail were allergic reactions to flea bites, which she had, also ear mites. She was given the shot "Capstar", also a steriod shot for her skin, a distemper shot and her rabies shot. The vet also de-wormed her (Whtney loved the pill pockets!) and Revolution. Now two days later, Whitney is her old self again. How can I tell her how sorry I am for leaving her. So glad she is on the road to recovery and has her appetite back. (She also lost 2 lbs). The vet has suggested Aller Pet for Whitney to, so my daughter will be able to tolerate the cat. Whitney says "So nice to be back home, never leave me again!!!"

Jul 21, 2011 Paws Crossed
by: Gail (Boston, USA)

Hopefully Whitney's weight loss is due to stress and as soon as she gets home...her REAL home, she'll fill out again! Please keep us abreast as to how she's making out.

P.S. - I wouldn't want to be around some stupid dog either, LOL!

Jul 21, 2011 Home again
by: Marilyn

Whitney is now back home with us. She took the hour and a half car ride very well, maybe she sensed she was coming home. Whitney has lost quite a bit of weight, probably stress. I am going to have her checked over by the vet and spoil her rotten, so far my daughter (who is allergic to cats) has had no reaction to Whitney. I am bathing her once a week, which Whitney thoroughly enjoys!

Jun 15, 2011 Another visit
by: Marilyn

I visited Whitney again this past weekend and have talked it over with my daughter and we are going to bring Whitney home. !!!!! Whitney does not look very happy anymore (might be because there is now a 45 lb puppy harassing her!) I cant wait to go get her!! Thanking my daughter who stated she will put up with her allergy to cats (but I will bath Whitney once a week to) XXX

Mar 14, 2011 Visit
by: Marilyn

I paid Whitney an overnight visit, I know she misses me as much as I miss her. Not too long after I departed the next day, she vomitted. Next time I am going to stay 2 days. Tears still come to my eyes when I think of her. My bestest and loyal friend.

Feb 19, 2011 Whitney
by: Marilyn

Whitney has taken to her new home so well. I had to leave her with my best friend when we moved as my daughter cannot live with cats. Whitney took to my friends home so well, she did not hide under the bed or anything like that, she just took over the house and snuggled right up to my friend. I will be paying her a visit in March as I miss her sooooooooo much. My bestest friend (tear).

Nov 24, 2010 Sad News
by: Marilyn Papp

Well Whitney is still so sociable and loving, seems to know everything we say. Unfortunately we are moving and my daughter is going to move in with us, which is good, but ------- highly allergic to cats. I am going to find Whitney a good home, 2 friends have offered to take her, I am even willing to send a monthly cat support cheque. It wont be the same and I know I will worry about her, nothing like the real "Mom". Does anyone have any similiar stories to share to make us feel like this is OK?

Feb 18, 2010 Best friend
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Marilyn. Your Whitney seems like a great cat and you are quite right, our best friend really has to be the cat.

Some people hesitate about adopting an adult cat because they are worried how it will adjust to a new family. Your Whitney proves the opposite, as she has bonded so well and now knows all your daily routines as well as you do yourself - even down to turning on the TV. Does she have a favourite channel? 😉

So for those thinking about adopting - please don't discard the adult cats. At the shelters you have every chance of finding a good cat like Whitney with a fully developed personality. And those cats too need good homes...

Finn Frode avatar

Feb 18, 2010 Whitney the Coon Cat
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

Your photo of Whitney captures the essence of her personality. It's really great. It rings true that "dogs have owners; cats have staff" - pretty funny. Please post more photos - we'd love to hear more about Whitney's adventures.

Feb 17, 2010 Nice story and photo
by: Michael

I particularly like the photo. It has a serenity about it and Whitney is very handsome as are all Maine Coons it seems to me.

Thanks for sharing on PoC.

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  1. On behalf of Marilyn, who told me by email that she’d like to post a picture of Whitney. The picture below was taken 7 months prior to her passing (see comment above).


  2. I am so heart broken, Whitney passed away on August 8 2015, just before her 10th birthday. Gone but never ever forgotten.


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