Best Video Search Engine

Best Video Search Engine

by Michael
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Am I missing something or is this a “no-brainer”. It’s got to be Google surely?

Google is the best video search engine because when you search for videos using Google, it searches across hundreds, thousands of websites that host videos. And Google is a very efficient and expert search engine.

You can access the Google video search engine from the Google home page (see image below). I usually have Google as my home page on the internet.

Google search video link on its home page

Once you get to the Google video search page you search in the usual way. Just type in what you are searching for in the search box (sorry if that sounds like commonsense).

Google lists videos from a wide variety of sources including YouTube. One of the good things about using Google and why it is the best video search engine is because it ranks the best videos from all over the Internet so you can compare vidoes from YouTube to those from lesser video hosting websites such as Vimeo.

The second best video search engine must be the one that is accessed on YouTube. YouTube is by far the biggest website for videos and their search engine is efficient. You can access it from their home page. Just look at the top of the page and you will see the search box.

To the right of the YouTube search box you will see a “Browse” button. If you click on that you can see at the top of page a “All Categories” title and to the right a “filter button”. If you click on the filter chevrons you go to a series of sub-headings which divide up YouTube into various types of category of video.

If you select one you then come to a page where you can pick channels or videos. “Channels” are the home pages of people who have uploaded videos. All their videos are listed in thumbnails on their “Channels”.

You can select channel or video under different search criteria:

YouTube search engine

The above are all you really need to know in my opinion about video search.

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