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Betty White devoted her life to improving the lives of animals — 5 Comments

  1. Yes, Betty isn’t an ordinary person, but she is incredibly loved and admired over here.
    I wonder if there is a connection between animal passion and longevity of life.

    • Europeans won’t know her as well, for sure. I have heard of her but only through research did I learn about her. Goodness is written all over her face.

      You make a good point about loving animals and living longer. I think it is true in the same it is true that walking for 30 mins every day prolongs life. Loving our fellow creatures or simply working with them and for them is natural as is walking and using the body. Keep it natural.

  2. Yes well done Betty White ….but …..there are many many ordinary people who have done animal welfare all their lives and because they are not ‘celebrities’ no one much knows about them.
    I know quite a few and admire them very much.

    • Well said Ruth. You are always right because you think straight. Animals need the Betty Whites of this world (the high profile people) but the real animal welfare heroes are almost unknown, unsung and out there right now, helping cats who no one else wanted to help. You know, I wish they would come forward and visit and comment and PoC would be pleased to help.

      • Yes it would be good to have more people who have given their lives to rescuing cats, visiting PoC, most are unsung heros/heroines.

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