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Beware of Misleading Guidance on Feeding Cats — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for a great article. After years of be owned by many animals I have learned to read labels and bags and decide what is best for the cats, goats and sheep.
    I take a rather slow burn at some people that work in the local pet food super store in our area. At the check out counter one day the sales clerk tried to tell me that the food I was buying was substandard. My reply was that most foods are not to my liking but I had done enough research to know that the food I was buying was best for my cats. The clerk gave me a nasty look and told me that with the food I was buying my cats would not have a long healthy life. My only reply was, ” Thanks for that observation. I will tell all my senior cats what you said.” At that point she asked ages of the cats. Currently their ages run from 9 years to 18 years of age. Our 26 year old just passed away recently. The clerk shuttith her mouth.
    Learn about nutrition, read labels, be informed. I sometime listen to our vet. She no longer pushes her recommended foods. We understand that my cats’ nutrition is more important than her making money.

  2. I believe in leaving dry food out 24/7 and believe it or not not one of my 7 cats is over weight. Dry food helps keep tartar off their teeth. I also if you can believe this take one can of chicken & gravy cat food (smaller size not large cans) and a even smaller different brand and divide it between 6 of the cats. Having one cat that just was found with a problem with a stone in her bladder (Removed) I do not give her any kind of moist cat food because it has too much calcium in it. She is on a special diet for the rest of her life and I just have to make sure I have her checked about every 6 -8 weeks for now to see how it is working for her.

    • Hi Amy. Thank you for commenting. I think you will find that the general view is that dry cat food does not keep tartar off the teeth of a cat. The idea is that the firmness of the food brushes against the teeth and thereby cleans the teeth but in truth I don’t think this theory is a reality but there are no definitive studies on that.

      You may know that dry cat food can exacerbate a tendency to develop a urinary tract infection in a cat because it is dry and therefore the cat urinates less often and is partly dehydrated so the urinary tract becomes a better place the bacteria to develop. I think that is fairly well accepted amongst veterinarians at present.

  3. I have learnt to demand feed my cats since Tiggy was old and unwell,and it has worked well with the others so I’ve stuck with it. They have a pouch or 2 a day and I put a bowl of dry food dowm for them to snack on fresh water too !!

    • Sounds like me. I feed Charlie on demand but don’t always respond or I respond by restricting the amount. I put down a bit of dry food for grazing at night. Hills Light. He eats very little dry food. Charlie tends not to like the very expensive cat foods which is disappointing.

  4. Cat ‘experts’ don’t know everything, I think good cat caretakers know much more than they do, including the best way of feeding our cats.
    It’s just a shame that gullible people might read the ‘advice’ of those ‘experts’ and the ones to suffer will be their cats.
    We have fed our cats on demand for 40 years, they have been/are fit and healthy, it only takes common sense to learn how to care for cats.

  5. What king of idiot thinks that obesity is an issue with kittens which are not only highly active but also growing and thus need all the food they can get? Only the recommendation to give dry food in itself is a red flag that indicates incompetence.
    In general very little attention is drawn to the main failings of dry cat food, all brands whether cheap or rip-off, is their unsuitability as feline nutrition through the lack of high quality animal, fish, or fowl protein, the high level of useless carbohydrates, and the plant protein which is of limited nutritional value.
    The problem is when so–called experts who use that status to irresponsibly direct people towards unsuitable commercial food. People think ” Oh he or she is an expert. That must be true”, but as we can see that advice is often not only baloney, but dangerous. These “experts” often appear in high profile popular magazines and write books which makes them all the more dangerous.

  6. I hate to say it so harshly but…..all the dry cat food is made for the benefit of the manufacturers because it is easy to store and transport etc.. It should all be banned or most of it.

    The pet food industry is a bit of a scam as far as I am concerned. There needs to be a rethink. Some experts are really good: straight talking and knowledgeable but a lot of it is not written by people who are genuinely expert.

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