Beware The Scientist Who Hates Cats!

Beware The Scientist Who Hates Cats!

by Michael
(London, UK)

Yes, there are scientists who hate cats. There are bound to be because people who hate cats come from all walks of life. There are millions of people who love cats and all animals. There are those in the middle; ambivalent about it all or not thinking about it at all!

But watch out for those PhD guys, the ones we look up to. The ones who are educated and who are meant to know best. Because it is these respected people who are more likely to be listened to and what they say and write gets published in respected online Journals where it is effectively validated.

The trouble is what they say and write can be a load of hogwash.

The scientist who hates cats will invariable break the rules of good science in a desperate effort to come to a conclusion that is out of reach; that the domestic cat a non-native species of animal in the USA, slaughters the wild native birds of this proud nation.

There is a war going on between decent sensible people who like the truth and who seek a fair and proactive approach to the feral cat problem and those who just want rid of them, as soon and as easily as possible; a foolhardy objective doomed to fail.

It has been decided by a cabal of clever scientists that one effective way to get rid of the vulnerable, shot at feral act, who was put there by humankind’s irresponsibility, is to do research that “proves” that the cat is killing precious wildlife, particularly birds.

There are a number of papers on this subject. Yet when one reads these research papers with a little care and when a bit of thought given to the conclusions, they just don’t stack up.

I have addressed a few of these on this site so won’t recite them here. I will simply refer to a few of them:

Domestic Cats Do Not Decimate Bird Populations

Battle between bird conservationists and cat lovers

Feral Cats and their Management

A classic example is the recent arrest and charging for animal cruelty of Nico Dauphine Ph.D. a scientist who authors research documents.

She believes that as a cat caretaker you have to choose between keeping your cat permanently indoors or conservation (i.e. if you let your cat out you negatively impact conservation efforts). Side Note: I think she should have a serious look at people! People do by far the most damage to native wildlife of any species in the US. Let’s start with ourselves, please.

She is alleged to have put down cat food laced with rat poison and antifreeze. Killing cats does not solve the problem of cat overpopulation. It actually perpetuates it and aggravates it. Killing them, I suggest, is an expression of hatred for the cat. Hatred it could be argued is born out of fear.

It is also alleged that she has been trapping cats in a reckless and cruel manner leaving at least one child distraught having lost her cat.

I would like to thank Laurie D. Goldstein, C.F.A. of the Feline Assistance Network for encouraging me to readdress this problem. See their website: Stray Pet Advocacy.

Those who seek the truth need to be vigilant. We must question scientists who show their hatred for the cat in biased research papers that attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of uneducated people. This is a form of indoctrination that sets back what is already overdue, a proper programme of proactive work to reduce the feral cat population in the USA.

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Beware The Scientist Who Hates Cats!

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May 27, 2011 Beware the scientist who hates cats.
by: Rudolph.A.furtado

In every society, civilisation, religion or nation there will always be good and bad human professionals co-existing.

Hence, there are “Good Doctors” as well as bad “Bad Doctors” advising on animal welfare, pets and most important cats.Their views are more readily accepted compared to common laymen professionals since they are professionally qualified.

Ultimately, its simple “Common Sense” for pet lovers, non-petowners and naturalists to decide on the actual truth on any subject, especially cats effects on other animal and bird life species.Carnivores and herbivores create the common balance of nature in a natural environment, both co-existing much before we humans , the ultra superior carnivore made our presence felt on planet Earth.

May 27, 2011 Scientists
by: Ruth

In my opinion scientists hate all animals, especially so those who nowadays still experiment on them with the excuse that they are doing it for the sake of humans.

Only a person who hates animals could subject them to the torture which goes on in laboratories.

I also think that anyone who works in those places even in the lowliest job, must hate animals too.

I don’t know how they sleep at night after another day of the horrendous things they do to animals !

Now there are alternatives to using animals it should be totally stopped, but it’s the same old story, animals are cheap and plentiful and money is more important to those people than animals lives.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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