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Bhutanese Abyssinian Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I once came upon 2 semi feral cats, who were about 6 months old. One looked Abyssinian and the other was Himalayan mix, siblings who’d been left behind a store, when the rest of the litter had been taken to shelter. They had evaded capture. I started feeding them, and after a few weeks, they came out for the sound of my car. Eventually took treats from my hand. I was able to enlist the help of Forgotten Felines, and the director took one home, and found a home for the other one. They were gorgeous cats, and had become tame, rather than evolve into full ferals. Happy ending for all.

  2. I always wanted to go to Bhutan but back in 1995 it was nearly impossible to go there because you needed a special permit. I looked into it and stopped as it became too prohibitive.

    This cat really looks impressive doesn’t it. Very wild looking.

    • Looks like an original wild-looking Abyssinian cat to me. All the stray, community cats in that part of the world look more wild and more natural. This is probably because they live in the community, outside and are semi-wild. It does seem to affect the facial expression and demeanour.

  3. A very interesting-looking cat. One that would make any owner very proud. I am not sure the parallel to the pure-bred Abyssinian is valid because the Abby has a very complex history and mixed ancestry like most cat fancy breeds. I wonder what Lisa Young would think about it being an ardent fan of Asiatic cats.

    • Thanks Harvey. This cat just looked interesting to me. It makes me think that the West just refined a cat like this. The history of the Abyssinian is not clear. Perhaps, initially, it was just a case of refining an imported cat. Then things became more complicated but not necessarily better. I doubt that but…who knows.

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