Bidens will be bringing a cat to the White House (plus Major and Champ)

NEWS AND COMMENT: Pres-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr Biden won’t just be bringing their German shepherds, Major and Champ to the White House; they are also bringing with them a cat according to an exclusive report from CBS Sunday. And the Twitter tweet in which that information is disclosed is on this page. We don’t have any more details. Like any other animal advocate I hope that they adopt their new cat from a rescue centre. I think they will because Joe Biden has learnt that the best way to adopt a companion animal is through a rescue centre. Their daughter taught them this. They bought Champ from a breeder but adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Society. Great job. It looks almost certain to me that the family will adopt a rescue cat. This is getting better and better.

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Cat coming to the White House
Cat coming to the White House. Screenshot.
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I was delighted that Joe Biden likes dogs because that means he likes animals but now he’s going to adopt a cat which is right up my street. They will delight the many millions of cat lovers in America. This is in complete contrast to Donald Trump. These two men have highly contrasting characters. Donald Trump has enacted laws which are frankly cruel to animals and his sons are cruel to animals and here we have the next president who is kind to them. Great news.

We know that throughout Donald Trump’s presidency he resisted living with a companion animal at the White House. He was the first president in a very long time to take this stance. There is a long history of presidents living with companion animals, normally dogs. Abraham Lincoln lived with a cat companion, Tabby, the first cat to live at the White House. Lincoln loved cats. We can also remember Bill Clinton’s family and their cat Socks.

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