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Big Boss Cat Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan (photo) — 13 Comments

  1. I enjoyed all of your interesting findings! I’ve got a pair of Norwegian Forest Cats in my world. These fur babies keep me accountable and always entertained. Hansel is the one with webbing between normal number of toes on back feet. Also present on front paws but easier to miss. Fluff between all toes and bottom pads!
    He is stunning and lovely with 3 layers of fur, offering 22lbs of love, with a teeny, shy, meow.
    SISTER Gretel is a lean but strong 11lbs and light on her feet with 7′ jump abilities if something is worth catching! She also has layers of fur with the downiest being most evident in pits of arms, sourcing from belly. They are both tri color with fluffy ringed tails which are generally always carried in a crook and high. The whiskers could when awards!
    They are loyal to me and concerned about me like dogs might be.
    They amaze me. They prepare for spooning by bathing each other.

  2. Wow, what stunning cat. Perhaps not huge, but certainly a large cat. His coat is fascinating. If any of this is a Photoshop, I think it is a darn good one, but I don’t think it is. The eyes is what I mean. Wow, those are beautiful. Very unique. I want!

    • You made me think of Photoshop but I think it is real! I have never seen a cat head/face like that and the coat is unusual too – grey/blue with gold patches. He looks whole too (unneutered). Wide cheeks.

  3. No, I’ve never seen a cat with some of this cat’s features like the nose “tatoo” and multiple chins that I presume are fat pockets (?).
    I have, however, seen similar expressions.

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