Big Boy Zoomzoom

by Kay
(Indianpolis, Indiana, USA)

My Zoomzoom boy

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My Zoomzoom boy

Want to share in the joy my friend has found with her wonderful cat Zoomzoom. She found this little itty bitty cat about 5 years ago at a famous motor speedway. Poor thing was soaking wet and found under one of the large tracker trailers that carry the race cars around the country.

This little guy had a broken leg and was literally on his last leg when we spotted him. We took him to my friend's motorhome in the track, and his guy has become a fixture ever since at all of our races.

His name became Zoomzoom and he has the personality to go with his huge size. Last weight was somewhere around 22 pounds with not an inch of fat. He thinks the Mazda car commercials are his personal jingle.

He is leash trained and can be seen walking around the pits checking everyone out. He doesn't mind the noise, and loves when the little kids come to walk him while his mom works at the track.

Zoomzoom has done more for his mom though. For the past 2 years she has been fighting cancer, and this guy just won't leave her side.

We don't know if he is a Maine Coon, but his vet seems to think he looks like one and acts like one. My friend was always a dog person until the Zoom came into her life. Now we pray that nothing ever happens to this cat, because each day they spend together is a blessing for both of them.


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Big Boy Zoomzoom

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Feb 01, 2011 Thank you
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing, Kay. I presume that the famous racetrack is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that is the home of the Indianapolis 500.

It is indeed a famous race track the world over. And if Big Boy Zoomzoom is the number one cat there he is special. He sounds special.

I enjoyed reading about him and I wish him and his mom the very best of luck.

Michael Avatar

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