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Big Cat Rescue Brings Three Needy Tigers Home to the Sanctuary — 12 Comments

  1. Finally New York woke up after a long period of denial! Thanks Jo for the wonderful article, there may be hope for even more animals.

  2. Thank the Lord that New York woke up and actually did something. I am so glad these cats had a happy ending. Thanks for this article and update information.

  3. Thanks for the article, Jo. I can’t imagine the kind of dedication and resources it must take to do a good job of giving even one tiger a worthy home.

  4. THANK YOU for this article and accompanying photos/video, Jo. As a longtime supporter and admirer of BCR, I know what wonderful work they do; and Michael, you’re absolutely right. It takes all of us to stop the suffering and senseless exploitation of sentient beings who are more than likely more sensitive than human beings, and who absolutely do not deserve to be neglected and/or abused by the ignorant, the unable, and the just plain callous.

  5. I wish people would just leave wild cats in the wild where they belong, it’s bad enough wanting to ‘own’ them but even worse not treating them properly.

  6. Thank you for this article. I am happy to report that IFAW donated the cost of the transport from NY to FL…now I just have to get that song, And the beat goes on! out of my head.

    • Carole, thanks for visiting! I am really blown away by the work that IFAW does. My husband and I are both members of this organization.

      You are a great inspiration for so many people, Carole. Visiting your Sanctuary has been one of the great highlights in my life, and I look forward to returning as soon as possible.

  7. You are SO right Michael. This must stop! These are magnificent wild exotic cats that should NEVER be owned by private individuals. Check out the Big Cat Rescue site to learn more about and help pass regulations to end this nightmare.

  8. There is a gradual tightening up of regulations (or the creation of regulations where none existed) regarding individuals keeping big cats in private zoos – thank God. It is overdue. BCR just mops up the mess. The mess should not be created in the first place.

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