Big chunky Scottish Fold from Russia

This is an amazing, big, chunky Scottish Fold from Russia. The Russian breeders do some amazing things with cats. I don’t know how ethical they are. I’ll presume that their breeding is ethical as I have no information to decide otherwise. This cat, a ticked tabby, looks like he is unsterilised (not neutered). He has the large jowls of a free-living male cat whose not been snipped. His ears are very small to add to the overall chunky effect and rounded head. It is a very carefully controlled breeding operation it seems to me. The goal is to create this roundness of head and Анна Зинина has succeeded. She has a Facebook page. It seems that a lot of the Russian breeders do all their advertising and publicity through social media and don’t bother to set up their own website. I can understand this completely. Hosting is free and FB is very reliable.

The amazing male cat described as ‘made in Russia’. You get a pedigree certificate and the cat is for sale at the date of this post. Not for long I guess. This link should take you to her FB page. It may break one day and if it has broken I apologise but I can’t control that.


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