Big Foot

by Dorothy
(Central Coast, California)


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Bigfoot came to us on his own. Decided to adopt us. We tried to find his owner, but no one came for him. So we did the well cat stuff at the vet. He was already neutered. Now he's ALMOST part of the family, but he would still like us to get rid of our 80 lb dog Daisy.

I think in time he will get bored with hiding from her, and will come out and join us. Meanwhile, how about all those toes? He really looks like at least part Maine Coon cat. I'm told he's large for a domestic cat, but I can't tell. I think he is quite at home here.


Big Foot to Largest Domestic Cat Breed

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Big Foot

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Jan 26, 2012 Cats Choose Us
by: Jocelyn Eke

Yes cats choose us. We had a cat named Greyfluff who was brought with some moving vans. My mom fed him and he pushed the dish 3 feet. He was adopted into our home.
I put my hand in a cage at the shelter and Noel licked my hand. I knew right away she was for me. She was a big black cat.

I think Big foot's feet are so big fluffy and cute. I would like to give him a foot massage. He looks so determined in his walk. He is a really great cat!

Aug 10, 2011 Heartbroken
by: Kathy

I lost my 18 yr. old Female Hemingway on August 3rd. In her honor, I hope to find a similar gray and white tuxedo Hemingway. She had gold eyes and a "cobbie" face. I miss her so...beyond words. I am in Clearwater, Floida. Please contact at

Jan 11, 2011 Big Foot
by: Sue Manke

I just rescued a polydactyl from a dumpster. He is adorable and has extra toes on both front and back feet. He is about 10 weeks old and standsoff with my 60 pound boxer. What a site to behold

Oct 15, 2009 Big Foot is a genius ....
by: Kate

.... to have chosen you and Bob as his people. He looks like a feline version of Daisy with his mottled gray coloring, creamy paws, and marshmallow center. How much does he weigh, and what gourmet treats are you preparing for him?

Oct 13, 2009 A rough boy
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

I've never seen so many toes on one cat, but if it doesn't cause him any problems then everything is fine. It adds to his general tough look, but as we all know inside such a look often resides a gentle heart. 😉

Lucky for Big Foot that he found a new home. And lucky for you having been chosen by him - and that despite having a dog in the house. He must have felt loved and appreciated. A good old cat like hime deserves it.

Oct 13, 2009 Phew
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Hi Dorothy,I'm so glad Bigfoot wasn't declawed ! phew ..... I expect with time he and your dog will become tolerant of each other if not friends. When we had both cats and dogs, the new cats were happy to live upstairs. I think rescue cats are just glad to have a good home and love. The vet should be able to give you a rough idea of his age.


Oct 13, 2009 Hi Ruth,
by: Dorothy

No, Big Foot has lots of claws. All seven on one foot. He is also a little fussy about where he is touched on his body so I'm taking my time about trying to trim his nails. His dew claw looks more like a bird claw, and I'll have the vet look at it next time he goes in. He has one bad tooth that might have to come out. I wish I knew how old he is. He's my sweetie. Like to sleep on my head. I think the dog issue may be about having been chased too many times while he was out living by himself. I think he was out there a while because he was very skinny when I brought him in. Now he's a good weight, but seems to have allergies.

Big Foot is happy to be an indoor cat now, and his seclusion to two rooms upstairs doesn't seem to bother him. He knows when Daisy is out on a walk, because he ventures downstairs. I'm hoping!

Thanks for asking!


Oct 13, 2009 Bigfoot
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Dorothy is Bigfoot declawed ? I can't really tell from the picture.

If he is it may be the reason he is hiding from your dog, he will be (and know he is) defenceless !

I hope and pray he isn't, as if he is, some cruel person has probably dumped him as many do !

He is beautiful and I'm so glad he has a good home now.

Oct 12, 2009 Thanks Michael
by: Dorothy

Actually, both front feet on Big Foot are poly dactyl. I have a better picture of both feet, and his weird way of walking as a result of those big feet in front. His legs also seem really chunky compared to his body, I think from the way he has to walk to get around. This is a fun website. Thanks.

Oct 12, 2009 Polydactyl
by: Michael

Big foot has an enormous left paw on his foreleg. He may not be the biggest cat but he might have the biggest paw!

Polydactylism is caused by a mutant dominant gene (Pd) that is benign mainly and there are more cases in the east of the US. Maine Coons seem to have a higher preponderance of polydactylism and they come from Maine as we know. I made a post about polydactyl cats.

There is a breed of cat called the America Polydactyl Cat but it isn't a breed at all, really. Well, that is what I say.

Thanks for sharing.

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