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Biggest and Baddest Cat Facts For Kids — 6 Comments

  1. Very interesting site. I’ve always been a cat lover seeing my first kitten!
    Thank you for pointing out the wisdom and History of these wonderful animals!
    I think, like some dogs, cats can tell and feel if a person is Ill.

  2. A brilliant article striking in its simplicity therefore very easy to read and understand, not only for children but for adults too.
    Yes some sad pictures, it’s terrible what some people do to animals, sometimes through ignorance but sometimes by being deliberately cruel, just because they can!

    • We all agree that the pictures of shot big cats are sad because this should not happen. The circumstances under which it does happen are man-made.

      Clauz is an abused cat really and Hercules is a freak. Human stuff.

  3. Poor animals. This is a very sad article underneath. Poor people who got eaten too. The only one who I feel ‘less’ sorry for is Magic. Poor Clauz – he looks uncomfortable and his ears are back in the photo – and he is in front of a food bowl of course. I wonder if he was allowed outside. I would guess being the 1950s that he was allowed out but it’s unusual that he would get like that if he wasn’t locked inside. Poor big guy. I wish things like that didn’t happen. It’s so sad.

    • Absolutely there is tons of sadness behind this article. The fact that people insist on working in close proximity to tigers in the Sundarbans and because these tigers have been forced to live there – it is an unnatural place for a tiger because it is a sea water swamp – the tiger occasionally attacks people because he is sick or has been injured by a person or has no prey to eat. The whole man-eating tiger problem is entirely man made!

      Hercules is an abomination for me! Totally unnatural creature. His extraordinary size seems to be due to hybrid vigor. Cross breading produces larger offspring sometimes. He has a paunch though. Lazy life I guess.

      All that said, I think kids will find it interesting because kids are interested in the biggest and the baddest!

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