Billboard Advertises 22,500 Dollar Reward To Find Killer of Cats

billboard advertising 22500 usd reward to help find cat killer NY USA
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On a huge billboard on top of a building in Yonkers, NY, an advertisement proclaims:

REWARD UP TO $22,500

for information leading to the arrest and conviction

of the person/s responsible for killing cats near

Overlook Terrace in Yonkers.

Contact the SPCA of Westchester County’s at 914-941-7797. PeTA

Click on the picture below if you’d like to read about the grizzly, abhorrent crime the billboard refers to:

Photo of black bags contained the dead bodies of kittens and cats in Yonkers NY

It is one of the most macabre and disturbing animal crimes that has been the misfortune to befall NY state. The advertisement was placed by a group of animal charities including: American SPCA, HSUS, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Defense of Animals Fund, and Alley Cat Allies.

I am impressed with the commitment demonstrated. It appears, though, that the police are struggling to track down the perpetrator(s). What chance of finding him? Slim, I’d say. It is hard to find evidence pointing to an individual.

32 thoughts on “Billboard Advertises 22,500 Dollar Reward To Find Killer of Cats”

    • Maybe Michael is hoping that you’ll all come to your senses if you are shown enough of your own criminally irresponsible and criminally negligent ways. Or are you like all other cat-lickers and hope that more road-kill cats are hung in trees so that you can exploit them for donations for yourselves? TNR is a highly lucrative business today. Take Alley Cat All-Lies for example. Their 2013 income is now well over $7million while they sit on more than $6million in assets by exploiting all the cats that they kill through TNR. Torturing cats to death by letting them roam free can make you RICH!

    • One day he will realise how wrong he is Kylee, we feel sorry for him really as he has nothing better to do than repeat his same old rantings and hatred of cats over and over again. How crazy is that, on a cat lovers site! What a waste of time but better still, every comment he makes adds to the month’s donation for the very creatures he hates 😉
      Like I said …how crazy is that lol


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