Bimodal communication with cats (video)

This is me talking about a French study on how to get cats to respond more quickly which might please a few people. Remember those articles based on another study which stated that cats only respond to a request to come if they are in the mood. The news media misinterpreted the scientists. Anyway, cats do respond but they can take a little while to process the information.

This French study concerned cats who did not know the people with whom they interacted as they were in a cat café in France but I think it’ll help in all communications with domestic cats.

I mention one example that I employ when my cat walks with me outside the home. He follows me and I ensure that he does by calling his name and simultaneously tapping my side to make a noise. This produces a visual signal and a sound which is a bit like a clicker which is used in clicker training.

The scientists said: “This suggests that cats are more sensitive to visual and bimodal communication initiated by an unfamiliar human”. Jackson Galaxy suggests that people greet cats as friendly cats great each other with the nose touch. The finger of one hand substituting the nose of the approaching cat. That’s neat but make sure it is done slowly and steadily and without unnecessary flapping movement to avoid a cat strike!

They also said: “Visual clues might become more important when it comes to an unfamiliar human underlying once again that cats have developed socio-cognitive skills”.

Link to the study:

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