Bing copilot is addictive

I have learned to love Bing’s copilot. It’s a highly addictive artificial intelligent computer. It creates amazing images through DALL-E 3. They truly are awesome. You simply instruct the computer to create an image to your customised order and it does so. It does more than that because you can change the image from one which is of photographic quality to a watercolour or any other genre.

Google’s Gemini at the moment can’t create images! Bing has stolen a march on Google. It seems Google is asleep.

Bings copilot is a smart, eager and willing friend
Bings copilot is a smart, eager and willing friend. Image: DALL-E 3
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Here is an alternative image:

Bings copilot is like a little robotic friend whose more competent than humans in many tasks
Bings copilot is like a little robotic friend whose more competent than humans in many tasks. Image: DALL-E 3

Of course, it isn’t just images; Bing’s copilot can also read the most up-to-date news reports and summarise them in its own words. And of course, it can almost instantly refer to many websites on the Internet in researching an article on any topic; a task that would take a good hour or more if carried out by a human.

Warning necessary?

Is Bing copilot too good? Will it dumb us down? Stop us thinking for ourselves? It is a danger.

Bullet format

Invariably, as is the case with Google’s Gemini, it uses the bullet format to write its reports. This indicates that both these artificial intelligence computers favour summarising information in a very easy to read and compressed format. I believe this is because both Bing and Google believe that most people nowadays read stuff on the Internet through their smart phones.

When you search the Internet for information on your smart phone you need it to be presented in a very concise way. The idea that website owners have to produce 2000-word articles is nowadays completely redundant.

Web surfers do not want to hack through a 2000-word article, of which 90% is waffle, to find the core of the story somewhere amongst piles of verbiage.

Bing’s copilot is highly addictive; as addictive as your favourite food treat. You will return for more. More and more. Why? Because it’s so efficient and easy to use. That’s why it is probably eating away at the Internet as we know it. 😎🙄

That’s why it probably means that everybody will go to the Bing website and nowhere else. They arrive at that website and stop and stay there 😊. They don’t need to go anywhere else!

Needs clear instructions

But let’s be totally honest. Although copilot is amazing especially for it images, their images are not always 100% correct. You have to provide instructions in words and sometimes it doesn’t quite get it right. Perhaps the instructions are not clear enough. But I’m being picky. Perhaps I’m being unfair because the imagery is startlingly good. You simply can’t produce this kind of stuff yourself.

At the moment it is not able to produce infographics because it doesn’t get the words right. The words are mumbo-jumbo. You end up with a visually stunning Infographic but the words just don’t make sense. I think in due course Bing will get it right. This is a very fast-moving development.


One last point, and an important one. The images that you ask Bing to create are unique. They are made for you. They are not, as far as I’m aware, protected by copyright. I’m not sure who actually owns copyright, probably Bing. But they appear to be produced for the customer namely the Internet user and therefore the copyright might be owned by the user i.e. me!

Whatever the assessment, I treat these images as mine and copyright-free. And I treat the words written by copilot to also be copyright free. I am going through an experiment right now to see what happens. The bottom line, though, is that I love this friendly artificial intelligence computer which is like a good and willing companion, always eager to help which it does!

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