BinkyJack the Nuclear Kitten Returns

by Judy Nelson
(Margate. FL)




The last time I wrote was in Dec 2009. At that time I described the most amazing kitty that had filled a tremendous void after the death of my Dad.

Binky Jack will be five years old in July. He is still growing! He is my puppycat. He goes with me to work because everyone who meets him loves him.

I finally added two pictures of BinkyJack the Amazing Cat. You can reference the original story at the link below.

BinkyJack The Nuclear Kitten

Judy N. Margate, FL.

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BinkyJack the Nuclear Kitten Returns

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Apr 07, 2012 Hi
by: Michael

Hi Judy. Nice to hear from you. It is unusual to take a cat to work. That said I presume your workplace is suitable and also tolerant.

A lot of businesses or organizations would not allow it. Very nice to see though.

Maybe you work in a cat rescue or veterinarians or some such place? Did you tell us where you worked last time? I have forgotten.

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